Muslim community in Australia sets up TV network to tackle mainstream media portrayal of Islam


The One Path Network was set up to provide ‘authentic Islamic knowledge using a professional contemporary approach’


Members of the Muslim community in Australia have set up a not-for-profit television studio to counter the mainstream media’s portrayal of Islam.

Costing $1 million, the studio – cited as a 21st Dawah initiative – aims to spread the word of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims. It was reportedly funded by community donations, and is staffed by a team of over 20 volunteers.

Based in western Sydney, the One Path Network films and edits videos for its YouTube channel. Organisers say it was set up to provide “authentic Islamic knowledge using a professional contemporary approach”.

Head of the network, Malaz Majanni, told ABC News: “This is a time where there is a lot of pressure on the Muslim community. Unfortunately, you do find that with the mainstream media, sometimes we are misrepresented.

“Here we are able to make sure that a clear message is sent out.”

The network provides its own take on topics and events such as the immolation by Isis of Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh, Hollywood film American Sniper, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, and the Sydney siege.

Videos have featured prominent Sydney Imam Sheikh Omar El Banna, and members of controversial political group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The station’s website reads: “The media is an essential part of everyday life and a very powerful tool influencing values and ideas. The world is constantly changing and we are connected more than ever. There are great opportunities in using media to showcase the religion of Islam.

“As we embark on this large scale project, we understand that it will be a long and complex journey, but a necessary one. In order to make this project effective and successful we will be utilising specialised skill sets from within the community and abroad.”