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Masjid Al Aqsa: Friday Jumaa Activities – Ramadan Mubarak 1443 AH

– First Friday –

Bait Al-Maqdis, 07 Ramadhan 1443 AH – 08 April 2022 CE

Talks delivered in the Qibly al-Musalla

– Introductory Talk –

– Inheritors of the Book are the ones who will Establish the Khilafah –

By the Honorable Sheikh Saeed Al Karmi (Abu Abdul Rahman)


– First Talk –

Muslims Suffer from the Reliance Upon the Oppressors

By the Honorable Sheikh Issam Amira (Abu Abdullah)

– Second Talk –

The Latest Developments in Yemen and Ukraine

Political Thinker Ahmad Khatwani (Abu Hamza)


– Question and Answer –


– Interactive Session & Supplication (Duaa) –