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Malicious Western Agendas Strike at the Youth of the Ummah and Misguide them

When their malice is uttered inside of them, their institutions rumble and snarl, and their rancour and hatred reveals itself, to the degree that they select the most effective way of eliminating Islam. Then know that you are facing a fierce war of no lenience with a civilisation and thought that is incompatible and opposite to Islam and with those whom it is impossible to meet except upon the battlefield… There actions and statements have revealed that malice that they possess to the degree that they say that there is nothing before us in respect to the Muslims apart from one of two solutions: Either fight them, eliminate them and eradicate them… Or by melt them into other secular civil societies, mould them and cast out all that they carry in terms of thoughts and beliefs whilst replacing that with that which conforms to our interests, our security and our survival without fear or dread…

This is not philosophical hypothetical talk but rather it is a definite established truth and reality and even if their tongues do not (always) express it (openly):

إِنَّهُمْ إِن يَظْهَرُوا عَلَيْكُمْ يَرْجُمُوكُمْ أَوْ يُعِيدُوكُمْ فِي مِلَّتِهِمْ وَلَن تُفْلِحُوا إِذًا أَبَدًا

“Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion. And never would you succeed, then, ever”

(Al-Kahf: 20)

This evil western scheme towards the Islamic world is what we observe, live with, see and feel the results of upon the Muslims. The adopted strategy of the enemies of the Muslims towards them falls within one of two approaches which some have liked to name the hard approach which is ‘Killing’ and the soft approach which is ‘melting/integrating’…

As for ‘killing’ then this is a matter that no sane person can deny and what the disbelievers have done is the best proof of that. Allah has spoken the truth that we can see when He said:

لَا يَرْقُبُونَ فِي مُؤْمِنٍ إِلًّا وَلَا ذِمَّةً وَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الْمُعْتَدُونَ

“They do not observe toward a believer any pact of kinship or covenant of protection. And it is they who are the transgressors”

(At-Taubah: 10)

I will not go into length in respect to listing the plans of the disbelievers and their realities in regards to pulverising the Muslims and wiping them out. That is because the crimes of the Americans in the Islamic lands, which are still taking place and are launched into every time their interests call for that, will never be forgotten in the minds of humanity as a whole and indeed these crimes are continuing without pause!

Upon the premise that capitalist globalisation is an urgent necessity for the survival of the West, Thomas B M Brent, an American military analyst said, “The new American role is not to spread democratic principles and the values of human rights alone. Rather the most important matter is the spread of capitalism globalisation and impose it by the force of the gun in different parts of the world if the matter dictates that…”

In this way, they attempt to gain complete control and mastery over anyone who is opposed to them and to implant the spirit of subservience and following to their ideology. However, if they have not found that the people have swallowed that vision easily, then they will face ruin and destruction through actions that aim to crush and obliterate reaching all those who oppose them!

It is not hidden that the most severe danger and most harm against the Muslims from the policy of killing, extermination and destruction, is the policy of wrecking and dissolving or melting the minds of the Muslims in general and targeting the young men and women in particular, which is being undertaken by the enemies of Islam. And it is the attempt to erase the characteristics of being attached to the Deen, holding firm to the beliefs and to their religious heritage. They seek to untie and undo the firm bond with the Islamic Aqeedah which the Muslims have been commanded to hold on firmly to by the teeth.

The melting or dissolving process is hidden and is dressed in the garb of modernity, renewal and development so that it is taken on board and swallowed by those who are thirsty to change their situation whilst they promote that in whatever way they chose. That is undertaken by the enemies of Islam implanting their thoughts within an environment that has the potential to absorb and draw in the western epidemics and for continual effacement within the Western project to take place…

That was clearly evident in the talk of Richard Nixon in that he preferred for the Americans to present a strategy aimed at taming and subverting the Deen of Islam, to melt them into the western societies, to spread suspicions and doubts amongst them. And he made this choice that which should have the priority over the choice of killing even though they undertake both choices side by side without any leniency.

Within the policy of the enemies of Islam in respect to that is that they continue to sow these thoughts within the lands of Islam with a leisurely and slow bit by bit policy in accordance to the logic of the Japanese principle: “We want deliberateness but certainty that it will get done”. It is not important to them if they remove the Islamic minds within a year or two and indeed if it was over thirty years or more there is no problem with that as long as their methods and means continue and are not obstructed by obstacles and as long as those in opposition don’t resist that.

In our current age the enemies of the Islamic Aqeedah, and at their head, the American administration, are striving to impose their agendas and programmes upon the lands of Islam in particular. That is because they fear from the restlessness of the Islamic power that will come to them at a near time and which they will have no way or power to repel. (As such) They have made lying and deceptive calls and claims in relation to their occupation of Muslim lands although the main and fundamental aim in respect to that is that this war that they are igniting is crusader in its aim but pragmatic in style!

As for the one who thinks that the enemies of Islam are not scheming, that they don’t have a clear strategy against us and hidden and open plans against us, then it is certain that this thinking of his is refuted by the reality that is sensed. It is the reality that is revealed from time to time within studies and plans that the westerners prepare towards the Islamic world. Indeed, they have founded many centres established upon research, studies and the production of periodical strategic reports for the present and the future. In fact, these centres represent the nucleus, backbone and main engine from which the decisions of the United States of America in addition to the other western states emanate from; a matter which they themselves acknowledge…

And that which has encouraged them in their campaign and ferocious intellectual war is their awareness of the existence of those people who raise their voices to spread ‘moderate Islam’. Those who have no problem in accepting western democracy as an ideology, style and application… and have no issue in accepting a stance that opposes the application of the Sharee’ah due to considering the Islamic Sharee’ah to be unsuitable for this time and age and incompatible with the concept of western democracy. This is in addition to their claim of respect for the rights of women and religious minorities and the claim that the rights that the women attained in the time of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ do not fit with the current conditions of this time and with the notion of progress… whilst declaring that they renounce violence and terrorism; a reality that until now has not even been defined by the leaders of the West in regards to what they mean by terrorism?

That doesn’t even include what they say regarding the person’s right to change his Deen, apostatize and the freedom of the person to do that… I add to that their calls to the freedom of the woman in respect to choosing a companion and NOT a husband to share her life with him.

This is in addition to many other malicious proposals and agendas that are covered in claims of modernity, progress, preventing backwardness and digression… That is because they seek to promote their falsehood and for them to do that it is necessary to apply some grease to facilitate that…

As such, the western governments, political leaders and experienced experts in respect to the political intellectual struggle have resolved to attack the minds of the Muslim young woman. So for instance Robert Satloff, who is considered by many of the politicians to be one of the most significant United States of America’s policy makers, always calls to the importance of winning over the minds of the youth in the Middle-East, to tray and them attract them and improve the West’s image amongst them. This plan has even become one of their important strategic issues in the case where it is deemed necessary to draw in the Muslim youth wing that continues to grow a lot within the Islamic lands to the detriment of the western states in which the number of youth amongst them is less in proportion as compared to the number of Muslim youth in the lands of Islam…

They made plans for a number of means that they saw important in respect to winning the minds of the youth hoping that their thoughts would change. They drew out a number of specific styles, programmes and means in order to accomplish this plan whilst that represented a strategic goal for them. An example of this is that in Iraq they published a magazine specifically targeting the Muslim youth which was called ‘Hi’ which attempted to promote the American culture amongst the Muslim youth. It was launched in 2003 after a few months of the American invasion of Iraq.

They also established the radio station ‘Sawa’ in the year 2002 which is a station for pop music news in addition to broadcasting news. It is also an American project and part of the invasion of the Islamic lands in order to improve the image of the American government through it. This doesn’t even include the thoughts of utilising music and cartoons in the news media, poetry and the internet, to spread the American viewpoint within the Arab world and to impact and influence the minds of the young Muslims through them.

Therefore, their strategic goal is to preoccupy the Muslim young men and girls with lewd amusement and lowly music, and to direct the media channels towards working upon this group of youth in particular. In the Arab world today, there are a large number of satellite channels broadcasting immoral and promiscuous music spreading corruption and depravity through them…

They have also undertaken to spreading American schools within the Middle-East. Through the spread of these international American schools, they play a role in respect to teaching the language and principles of English upon the American methodology.

There is no doubt that this matter has a great danger attached to it in the case where intellectual wrecking is being undertaken in respect to the minds of the young Muslims. It is certain that these foreign schools pose a number of dangers as they represent bases for the westernisation within our lands of Islam and a knife or weapon being directed towards Islam from within to prevent the shaping of the Islamic personality that Allah wishes to be distinguished and distinct amongst mankind…

If we were to examine the allegiance of these schools, we will find that most of them fall into one of two main categories:

Firstly: Christian Catholic and Protestant missionaries or what is called missionary associations.

Secondly: The foreign embassies in the case where these schools and curriculums come with a number of pretexts from them: The spread of civilizational sciences amongst the Muslims, convince the people that they represent models for progress and enlightenment, remove ignorance and the dust of backwardness that is present in their lands, or that they are present in the Muslim lands to teach the children the English language!

Therefore take measure of the arguments and pretexts that the people of these schools present in order to invade the Muslim lands in this concealed manner, reflecting a persistence and indulgence of deceit and ‘polishing’ undertaken to attract the Muslims, corrupt, tame and mould them within them.

One of its most prominent dangers is not looking at the presence of the foreigner as being a transgressing occupier but rather that view has been transformed to the foreigner being representative of a saviour from the darkness that they are living which is from the remnants of Islam and its regressive thoughts, as they falsely claim, and which rejects the other treating it as the enemy. As such it does not accept its existence, is hostile against and fights it. Afterwards they do not reject the flows of westernisation and decay and in compensation they seek to replace this view and obliterate it with brazen amusement and cheap art to distance the youth of this Ummah from their fundamental issues…

Let us not forget the encouragement given to the sons of the Muslims towards educational despatches and sending them out to foreign lands as a style to mislead. And for sure they will be snatched over there by those who have made full preparations for them and drawn out how to deal with them as a plan and method.

These are forms and types employed in an attempt to divert the youth from their objective and aspiration that has been entrusted to them. Therefore, the enemies of Islam are attempting as much as they can to preoccupy the Muslim youth with trivial matters and take them away from confronting the westernisation programmes…

They are relying, in the first degree, upon attracting the youth and attracting them to the ropes of corruption and intellectual misguidance. This is from a number of paths, the most important of which is absolutely the path of desires and spreading them. The desires that are concerned about the shameless and brazen images and which is concerned about displaying those involved in arts, entertainment and singing with the appearance of stardom and fame. And by distracting the young girls of Islam through low and declined books and magazines, and via the internet and shameless satellite channels…

What is unfortunate, is that the plan in respect to recruiting the youth to corrupt media programmes have been in many cases successful even if there have been many youth, and all praise is to Allah, who have played a large role in confronting those who spread corruption and the symbols of depravity through the utilisation of a number of means.

One of the greatest dangers that the Islamic Ummah is facing today is for the youth to fall into the ropes or clutches of the corrupting and hellish plans. That is because the youth represent near to 60% of the Ummah. Corrupting them guarantees the survival of the West, their continuation and the spread of their deviant thought… Let us not forget the role of the regimes perched over the chests of the Ummah in respect to their malicious role in facilitating the agendas of the West by opening up the breadth and width of the lands to the institutions and associations which are on the outside are good intentioned and providing rights but in the inside they conceal vindictiveness, hatred and plotting against Islam and the Muslims…

For that reason, it is obligatory upon the Ummah of Islam to eliminate the head of the snake in our lands and pulverise it, so that the rope of colonialism is cut, their plans and plots can be unravelled and so that they return back to their lands empty handed and disappointed, dragged by the ropes of their disappointment and defeat that they were inflicted with in the lands of Islam… That is not beyond the ability of the Islamic Ummah, the Ummah of Khair (goodness) and that is because the good, the awareness and its great concern for its Deen, Aqeedah, reference and principles have not been lost….

Ra’idah Muhammad