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Khalilzad’s Mission is not to Bring Peace but to Surrender the Taliban!

On 3 February 2020, during a press conference in Uzbekistan, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded “demonstrable evidence” from the Taliban that it will lower the violence level in Afghanistan before signing a deal that would lead to peace talks and a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.” He also added that “What we are demanding now is ‘demonstrable evidence’ of their will and capacity to reduce violence, so the inter-Afghan talks and the withdrawal of US troops will have a less violent context.” Pompeo also said that, “We’re working on a peace and reconciliation plan. We got close once before to having an agreement that we mutually had executed and the Taliban were unable to demonstrate either their will or capacity or both to deliver on a reduction in violence.” (Ref: Voice of America)


The US, on the one hand, has been emphasizing on “reduction in violence”, and has gravely intensified air-strikes on the other hand as peace talks have begun. Over the past few weeks, the US air-strikes have caused the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent civilians in the eastern, north-eastern, southern and central provinces of Afghanistan. Such raids are mostly carried out by the US forces along with the support of the Afghan forces, which have widely provoked public reactions.

The US has no real intention of bringing peace in Afghanistan because it is trying to integrate the Taliban into Democratization and Westernization processes in Afghanistan as what was done with the Northern Alliance and Hekmatyar’s Islamic Party. On the other hand, the US forces dropped 7,423 bombs on innocent Afghan people in 2019 only under a false guise of attacking the enemy in order to surrender the Taliban to conditions determined by the US. The number of bombs dropped in 2019 is seven times larger than the amount of ammunition being used by the US forces in 2015 in Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, the US bombers dropped 947 bombs in 2015 and 7,362 bombs and explosives in 2018 over innocent Afghan people. In fact, these are few specimens of the achievements that have been presented to the Muslim people of Afghanistan before any American peace deal is taken place.

The US has mobilized many of its puppets in the region and the Arab world, including Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and even Iran to pressure the Taliban to accept the US conditions in the peace talks. In the meantime, the Afghan government appears to have been deliberately excluded from the talks by the US dictates – presumably stalled to reduce the Taliban’s stance and their red lines to Western democratic values in order to eventually impose the “19 year’s achievements” with slight apparent changes on the Taliban. An obvious example could be the Afghan government’s stance on ‘ceasefire’ and the Taliban’s on ‘reduction in violence’ and the US’ disagreement on how each would have to be defined. As Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation during his recent visit to Kabul said that he was “hopeful of reaching a deal with the Taliban on a ceasefire or reduction in violence.”

Nearly a number of 10 meetings have been held between the US diplomats and the Taliban representatives so far, hoping that the US and the Taliban would settle an agreement in the final meetings, but Zalmay Khalilzad during his recent trip to Kabul made a completely different comment asserting that “there has been no significant progress in negotiations with the Taliban, but we hope we could reach a conclusion.” At the end of the ninth round of peace talks, Khalilzad tweeted: “We are at the threshold of an agreement that will reduce violence and open the door for Afghans to sit together to negotiate an honorable and sustainable peace and a unified, sovereign Afghanistan that does not threaten the US, its allies, or any other country.” One could apparently perceive from the abovementioned statements and the intensification of pressure on the Taliban that the peace talks should have slowed down at a point and get to resumed and/or accelerated just by Trump’s tweet to have it go along with the calendar of the upcoming US elections.

It is conspicuously comprehensible from the aforementioned facts and pressures that this process, in reality, is merely a political conspiracy to break up, weaken and surrender the Taliban, on the one hand, to end the longest US war in Afghanistan, and on the other hand, to help the US to effortlessly achieve the goals which it has been unable to accomplish over the past nineteen years by means of war. In addition, the Trump-led party would use the ‘peace talks’ as a dramatic achievement in the 2020 elections to distract the public opinion in the US and the world concerning the US defeat in the Afghan war. Indeed, the US is not willing to leave Afghanistan, but is seeking to transform its type of presence in Afghanistan in order to use this geography as a strategic point to extend its influence in the region against China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran in the long run. The political perspectives of the US and the West have not changed against Afghanistan because, in addition to the strategic importance of Afghanistan, its extraordinary pristine mines and drug production have largely attracted the Western colonials to keep their eyes on the natural reserves of Afghanistan. So, the US has been repeatedly emphasizing on robust presence of its intelligence while simultaneously vowing full withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.

In the meantime, if the Taliban have been able to realize the US interests in this process, it would have been straightforwardly plausible that the infidels, especially the US, have no sustainable individuality any longer because the US government is made up of various institutions that, if a process secures the interests of a particular institution that would be acknowledged otherwise would be undermined if failed to secure the interests of another. Because the US foreign policy shifts between the institutions and parties; therefore, if any of the prevailing institution and/or party is happening to sign the agreement with a group and/or country, there is no guarantee that this agreement will be pledged by another institution and party tomorrow. One could refer to Iran’s Nuclear Deal, the Paris Climate Accord and dozens of other treaties and agreements to realize how easy it is for the US to pull out of a deal.

Ultimately, the key solution to this critical dilemma is to halt the peace talks with the US today rather than tomorrow, and to keep fighting with the US till it is buried in the Graveyard of the Empires so that its defeat in Afghanistan would be perceived by the entire world. In fact, this cunningly deceptive power should be destroyed and paved the way of the reestablishment of Caliphate on the methods of the Prophethood from a big obstacle. This is one of the greatest actions that will eventually come to an end by your measures. Then what a triumph is the one through which the greatest and vicious villain of the time is overthrown!


Saifullah Mustanir

Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan