Kashmir will be liberated through organized Jihad under Khilafah’s Army

Every Pakistani ruler has limited the remembrance of the liberation struggle of Kashmir to a single day for mere formality. They have never readied the Muslims of Pakistan for Jihad in a way that Kashmir could really be liberated. Now, they are trying to even get rid of that single day, 5 February, Kashmir Day, officially so as to herd the Ummah into accepting the traitor rulers treason against the Muslims of Kashmir.

Kashmir can only be liberated through organized Jihad. It cannot be liberated through resolutions or with ad hoc Jihad of non-state actors. The traitor rulers of Pakistan have never desired to liberate Kashmir, rather the objective of their interference in Kashmir was to pressurize India, so that she fulfils American interests. After the demise of the Soviet Union, America wanted to bring India under its influence through a “carrot and stick” policy so that she can use India and Pakistan as a block against China. Therefore, for several years America used Kashmir as a “stick” and the traitor rulers of Pakistan continued this American policy. But after Clinton’s visit to India and India’s strategic partnership with America, America ordered the end of Jihad-e-Kashmir and Musharaf fulfilled that order, both in letter and spirit. Jihadi organizations were declared banned organizations and every Jihadi camp was closed.

In order to bring these Jihadi organizations back to the so-called “national main stream,” they were assigned the role of operating dispensaries or providing vaccinations. On the other hand, in the name of ceasefire, Pakistan’s traitor rulers allowed India to fence the Line of Control. After this, India killed Jihadi commanders in occupied Kashmir, one by one, and the Pakistani traitor rulers kept silence on the atrocities in occupied Kashmir on an international level. Also, in order to make India stronger to fulfil a role against China, America planed the “carrot” of giving her excess to Central Asia. America allowed India to open its consulates in Afghanistan and through America’s agents in Pakistan granted India the status of ‘Most Favourite Nation’ (MFN) and give access to the markets of Central Asia.

Therefore, according to this new policy America wants Pakistan to be a younger partner of India to form an economic, political and a social bloc of these two countries so that India could become the forward regiment of America’s army against China.

To fulfil this plan, America imposed circumstances to push Pakistan to rely heavily on India. Pakistani rulers are planning to import electricity, oil and several other commodities from India, so that they would be able to convince the people of Pakistan to surrender Kashmir on this plea that we are so reliant on India, how can we resist India? Several non-governmental institutions are now playing their role in the treachery, granting their shoulders to the “Amn Ki Lasha” (peace offerings). N.G.O’s and several media houses are now playing a heinous role. All of them are blind to the atrocities in Kashmir and instead are striving to promote Indian culture and want the Muslims of Pakistan to love the Hindu State.

Whatever traitors like Kiyani, Pasha, Zardari and Gillani may do, the Muslims of Pakistan will never forget their Kashmiri Muslim brothers and sisters. InshaaAllah that day is not far away when the people of this region will establish the Khilafah and liberate the Muslims of Kashmir from the jaws of Kuffar by waging an organized Jihad, led by the armed forces. Hizb ut-Tahrir asks the sincere officers within the armed forces of Pakistan to grant the Nussrah (Material Support) to Hizb ut-Tahrir, attaining the status of the Ansars of Madina, and wage Jihad-e-Kashmir to receive the glad tidings of Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم that whosoever participated in the battle of Hind will be cleansed of all sins.

Naveed Butt

The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir in Pakistan