Middle East

Jordan bans Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s event for Syria

Dear brothers and sisters, the treachery of the rulers and regimes of the Muslim world know no bounds! The Jordan authorities have banned the peaceful women’s conference organised by Hizb ut Tahrir in support of our dear sisters in Syria from taking place! By such a despicable action, the regime has exposed even more blatantly its collusion with the murderous Syrian regime’s slaughter of the Muslims of Al-Sham and their total acceptance of Assad’s heinous crimes against our honourable sisters. By such a shameful act of banning a peaceful gathering of women calling for the protection of the blood and dignity of the daughters of this Ummah, the Jordan regime has demonstrated which side of this conflict it is on!

We will expose to the world the contemptible position and action of Abdullah and his cronies, which will biithnillah only accelerate the removal of this oppressive and treacherous regime, along with the other regimes of the Muslim world who have stood as idle spectators while the women and children of Syria are massacred.

Insha Allah by this disgraceful act of silencing the voices of Muslim women who gathered simply to demonstrate their Islamic bond of support for their sister in Syria, the Jordan regime has also hastened its demise to be replaced soon Insha Allah with the establishment of the Khilafah that is the true guard of the daughters of this Ummah!

Nazreen Nawaz – Member of the Central Media Office Hizb ut-Tahrir