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Jewish settlers backed by the Zionist forces Storm the Aqsa Mosque

‘Israeli’ forces broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque compound Sunday morning, July 26, firing stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at Muslim worshipers as they cleared way for right-wing Jews who were visiting the compound to mark a Jewish fast day, witnesses said. (Maan news)

Al-Aqsa Compound Director Omar Kiswani said 19 Islamic Endowment Department (Awqaf) guards suffered various bruises, fractures and cuts after being assaulted by Israeli forces with batons. Seven of them were hit on the legs and feet, while some of the others were hit on the head. Kiswani said 70 Israeli settlers “raided” al-Aqsa in the afternoon through the Moroccan Gate and were accompanied by 100-150 Israeli special forces to secure their entry. (Maan news, July 26, 2015)


Pictures of the wreckage are blasted on numerous Arab media sites, from irreplaceable stone damage inside the historic mosque and books strewn about with glasswork and intricate woodwork also damaged most beyond repair. The mosque guards stood bravely before the reckless attackers but were subdued since the radical settlers were supported by the Zionist army itself allowing them to wreak havoc and then continuing the vandalism themselves under alleged claims of fireworks and whatnot on the premises in order to save face.

Valiant women and children with the blood of the Sahabah in their veins tried to block off further Jewish violators from entering the Aqsa compound- women forming human chains defiantly before the raging vandalizers – only to be manhandled by the “Israeli” army soldiers who shoved and dragged the courageous defenders and the Murabitoon (stationed) of the third holiest site in the Islamic lands. Since they feel it is upon themselves to protect the holy site fully aware not a single neighboring army will intercede on their behalf.

Meanwhile indifferent Ruwaibidhah rulers of the Arab and Muslim world are occupying themselves with vacations throughout Europe like the Saudi King Salman and his entourage of about 1,000 people expected to spend three weeks at the French Riviera on holiday, the Reuters agency reported. As the beloved Messenger ﷺ said,

«إذا لم تستح فاصنع ما شئت»

“…If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.” 

While pious women and men try their sincerest to protect the Aqsa from being wrecked by these usurpers – not  a single ruler from the Muslim lands uttered a cry or spoke harsh words of condemnation against this Zionist entity who have alarmingly increased in their attacks throughout the Palestinian villages against children and property with an entire village (Susiya) slated for demolition by the entity’s bulldozers had it not been for an Ottoman deed and US and European pressure to back down.  These Ruwaibidiah cry tears of theatrics when it serves their egotistical interest like pseudo-election time or even worse when it serves their masters’ interests.

Indeed the situation is worsening since the attacks against the Aqsa have become more brazen and vicious attacking in broad daylight. The Blessed Land is bleeding yet no one from the rulers of the Muslim lands mobilizes its robust armies to liberate it from the havoc of the Zionist entity. Only one call is enough to summon the masses for the Aqsa is in the hearts of the young and old, the near and far, all of the Ummah long for its liberation from captivity. Yet despite all odds, the Blessed Land will be liberated as it is the promise of Allah Almighty that there will be a Khilafah Rashidah upon the method of the Prophethood which will mobilize its armies towards it and every other occupied Muslim land, bi’thinAllah, shattering all shackles that have bound it since its initial fall.


Manal Bader