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It’s Time to See Who is Behind the Chaos and Terror

Our soils have turned to a showdown arena for the colonial interests of the US and Western states whom Turkey regards as its allies. Behind any chaos, slaughter and terror on whatever soil on this earth, there are these blood-sucking capitalist countries. These countries wage their colonial wars between each other through the hands of the subcontractor groups they support in order to maintain their economic and political interests in the Muslim lands. And those who die are always the Muslims and innocent civilians. In spite of all these facts, Turkey still continues its cooperation and friendship with the colonial powers.

We as Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey have shared this fact with the public after every conducted atrocious act, and warned politicians and leaders. After the bomb attack in Suruç on July 20, 2105, “we said that “The True Perpetrators of the Blast in Suruç are the Colonialist Western Powers Who Drown the World in Oppression, Blood and Tears”, and we expressed that this attack is the outcome of American-English feud of interests upon Turkey. In our written press release on 11th of August 2015, titled “It is Colonialist America and England Who Target the Lives of Muslim Turkish and Muslim Kurdish People”, we highlighted the Western powers’ terror plans of antagonizing the Muslim Turkish and Muslim Kurdish people towards each other in the following way: “none of the steps towards ending this bloodshed which is going on for 30 years for the sake of the colonial Kuffar is sincere. Because those who take these steps act upon leaning their backs either on America or England. As soon the Kuffar’s dominance upon our soils is lifted, as soon they are not granted any voice over these soils, and as soon these kuffar disappear from our soils, then only then this war and brother fight will come to an end.” After the terror bombing in Hakkari on September 6, 2015, and the same attack in Iğdir on September 8, 2015, we once again raised our voices against the rulers who took no lessons from the experiences, we pointed at the true perpetrators and the countries who support this terror, we warned them and said: “This Fire That Burns Where It Falls Will Not Extinguish Unless You Don’t Change Your Friends”

This time the colonialist countries chose Ankara on October 10, 2015, in order to reach their aims. More than 100 people died and hundreds were injured at this blast. We indicated the true murderers to the rulers who expected condemnation from Western countries by saying, “No Matter Who the Subcontractor of the Ankara Attack is, the Colonialists are the Real Perpetrators”. This never-ending terror chaos continued in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square on 12th of January 2016, and in Diyarbakır’s Çinar district on January 13, 2016. On 17th February 2016, a bloody bomb attack was carried out in Ankara. We as Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Turkey published an explanation saying “More Pains are to Come As Long the Colonialist are Your Friends and Allies!” However, in spite of our warnings; the Government, the opposition, the rightists and leftists, all together run after dirty revenges in Turkey’s domestic politics and ignored the real killers. The leaders held hot speeches of payoff for the PKK and ISIL who live on terror and chaos and strengthen on slaughter and crime. We said: “A great state is not a state who is America’s satellite. A great state is not the one who calls the hitmen and subcontractors to account, but the instigators in propria persona. A state who is friend with the enemies of Islam and the Muslims cannot be this great state! A great state is only the Second Khilafah Rashidah able to call the colonialists to account.”

On March 13, 2016 a terrorist attack targeting at innocent civilians took place in Ankara. Once again we declared what is evident: “We Condemn the Attack in Ankara and Declare once more that the Perpetrators are the Imperialists” And lastly, another terror attack took place in Taksim in Istanbul on Saturday, March 19, 2016. Once again we condemn terror and remind that the perpetrators are the colonialists.

O Muslims! It is time to see who is behind these explosions and fights who claim the lives of innocent people in our cities. The colonialists do not give up shedding blood on our soils, and unfortunately the rulers of Turkey do not give up cooperation with them. See the truth, even though the rulers turn blind and deaf. Say bravely that the killers are the colonialists. Until, the rulers end cooperating with them. Until, the colonialists disappear from our soils.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey

Monday, 12th Jumada II 1437 AH

21/03/2016 CE

No: TR–BA–2016–MB–TR–011