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Islam’s Experience Can Light Up All Your Darknesses

The President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbas reacted to the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) regarding Quran courses. Erbas said in the written statement he made “The decision taken by the TRNC Constitutional Court regarding Quran courses is unacceptable. This wrong decision, which threatens the existence and unity of Turkish Cypriots and attempts against freedom of religion and conscience, should be abandoned as soon as possible and a century of experience of Turkey should be taken advantage of. (A.A. 16.04.2021)

We are able to understand the statements and deceptions the rulers made with political calculations, and their ambition to protect their post and position by means of exploiting the feelings of the people. Because the statement President Erdogan made, namely,
“The statement made by the Head of the Constitutional Court is unacceptable. Secularism is not as they understand it, and Northern Cyprus is not France” is also within this direction.

However, it is inexplicable that the President of Religious Affairs Mr. Ali Erbas, the top man of the presidency which has over hundred thousand imams and muezzins and which is said to act with the mission of explaining Islam to the people, holds the secular Turkish experience of a century up as an example to another country. We are all witnesses of the fact that the rulers have not stayed behind of any evil in order to warp the people, with the laws they have made. The greatest evil is that they have cut off Islam’s connection to life for a century in the name of secularism through the cunning of so-called freedom of religion-conscience.

As if the implementation of secularism, which is the ‘aqeedah of the superstitious capitalist ideology, in this geography was not enough as a shame, the fact that those who speak with authority on behalf of religion exemplify this kufr thought as a solution to problems, is first and foremost a betrayal to the knowledge they own. It is becoming a slave of desires, and the saddle beast of the rulers. It is having the face to sell Allah’s religion for chickenfeed. However, what needs to be done here is not to choose between French, British and American secularism in the market established by the rulers, but to shout in the face of the rulers that all of them are sources of the same evil that declares war on the religion of Allah. Or at least, it is acting in accordance with the following rule of Rasulullah (saw);

«من كان يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر فليقل خيرًا أو ليصْمُتْ»

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should talk what is good or keep quiet.” Well, which trouble has secularism – implemented by Turkey for a century–cured and which problem has it solved, so that a century of experience can be shown as a reference to the people of Northern Cyprus? While thousands of scholars and Muslims have been slaughtered and left unavenged, because of the fact that they want sharia against secularism. While they are condemned to exile and prison. And while still heavy penalties are imposed on thousands of Muslims, because they are considered as a threat to secularism… While the Muslims who are working to establish the Khilafah (Caliphate), are being oppressed every day. All kinds of immorality, horribleness, evil and oppression occur due to secularism Mr. Erbas!

What a big sin to talk about setting an example while you should be giving the fatwa that the domination of this despicable thought, which traps the religion only in hearts and takes it out of life, should be stopped immediately!

Mr. Erbas, in which part of the religion you believe in is there such a thing as skipping Islam’s ruling experience and solutions of 13 centuries, which stand before you, and resorting to the solution of kufr ideologies! Abide by Islam’s order, and not by the system. Be tied to the rules of the Quran and Sunnah regarding the subject, and not to the solutions of democracy and secularism. This is a light big enough to light up all your darknesses.

Do justice to the knowledge you have, by revealing the evils that the rulers in the present system commit against the religion and people, instead of being a blanket which covers their sins and crimes. Do not be afraid of shouting out that the peace and abundance during the times when Islam was dominant will be possible by the revival of the Islamic Sharia. The position you hold, is a position of responsibility. And everyone will be questioned for those whom they are responsible for. Let’s talk about the obligation of Khilafah, which will implement Allah’s Sharia, to tens of thousands of imams within your presidency, which they in turn convey during their khutbahs and preachings. Call for the fact that abandoning kufr ideas like democracy, secularism and nationalism will lead to the salvation of the society.

Today, you have the opportunity as well as the chance for it. As for tomorrow, it is unknown for everyone!

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ahmet SAPA