Islam – The Road To Prosperity For Pakistan

As the Day of Independence of Pakistan reaching closer and faster, the thought begins to revolve in one’s mind, considering why our ancestors did liberate this part of land? What made them to spend their blood and sweat just for a separate piece of earth? Did they face so many hardships and brutality from the Hindus and British just to see Pakistan on the verge of disaster or their vision was something else?

These are some thought provoking questions that we have still not been able to answer. We are still been incapable to decide the path to follow, the system to adopt and the ideology to accept.

Since the independence, we have tried and tested every form of government, from one man show to a parliament of hundreds, but still nothing has got changed. Before 1947 British ruled us and now we are the slaves of America.

We have witnessed well accepted first PM Liaquat Ali Khan, US puppet Field Marshall Ayub Khan, pro-Soviet Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, so called Islamist General Zia-ul-Haq, corrupt Benazir, Nationalistic Nawaz Sharif, coward Pervez Musharraf and now shameless current PPP government.

It’s been long sixty five years we have not found the key to success and the way to prosper. When we see China that was founded two years later after Pakistan’s independence, we feel much pity.

The core reason behind the calamity faced by Pakistan and the Muslim world is the contradiction between its ideology and the system being implemented in those countries. Capitalism and Democracy have failed to suit our belief. The basic tenets of these two notions like majority rule, personal freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of ownership, federalism, sovereignty of man and others are in contradiction with Islam.

In Capitalist Democratic countries, the criterion is profit and loss, sovereignty belongs to people and the role of Parliament is to legislate through human brain of majority. On the other hand, where the ideology is Islam the principles are Halal and Haraam, manifestation is Sharia (Khilafa), sovereignty belongs to Allah and the role of Shura is to advice the Caliph to implement Allah’s Deen with Quran and Sunnah.

Pakistan could not prosper until we eliminate Interest based Capitalist economic system where more than 65% of revenue of the country comes from taxes on the people. Out of these taxes 70% are indirect taxation that are to be paid by even a beggar, unemployed, handicapped, widow, elderly people and children without any differentiation.

While, Islam apply no taxes on common man and taxes like GST, Income tax, withholding tax, toll taxes etc are all illegal and will be abolished in Islamic system. The permanent sources of revenue would only be Kharaj, Jizya, Ushr, the fifth of Al-Rikaz (hidden treasures minerals), import and export duty on foreign traders, Zakat on import and export of the Muslim Trader and Hima (protecting from public properties). The rules related to collection of funds and its distribution constitutes “Economic System” and cannot be taken from other than Islam.

In Democracy, the human needs are unlimited while there are limited resources to fulfill, in result the needs of all the people won’t be fulfilled and the solution lies in the increase in production to fulfill needs of as many people as possible.

Whereas, for a Muslim human needs are of two types i.e. basic needs (limited) and luxurious needs and world resources are enough to fulfill the basic needs of all the people of the world. The decisive factor for distribution of wealth and resources in Islam is to guarantee all basic needs to each individual. In the same time, the Islamic State will endeavor its best to create opportunities so that maximum number of people can work to fulfill their luxurious needs.

The recent uprising in Syria has witnessed remarkable achievement where the people are calling for Islam only. The people of Syria have clearly understood that the situation lies only in Islam and Caliphate. The days of Bashar Al-Asad are almost over now and Islam is about to rule the sacred land.

In the same manner, Pakistan’s rulers cannot continue to make us fool with their double talk who at times seem more loyal to the Americans than anyone else.

Nevertheless, as the saying goes ‘you can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.’

So, the one and only way to prosper for Pakistan and the other Muslim world is the system of Caliphate, the unification of lands and the implementation complete Islam.

Syed Hassam Ahmed

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Karachi,