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Islam should fill the Ideological vacuum existing in the world today

BERLIN • Prominent leaders of Europe’s right-wing populist parties gathered in the German city of Koblenz in what observers see as a show of force targeting the European Union.

The meeting has gained widespread attention in Germany as the first public get-together of Ms Frauke Petry, chairman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and Ms Marine Le Pen, president of France’s National Front.

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders and Mr Matteo Salvini of Italy’s Northern League are also set to speak at the one-day conference organised by Mr Marcus Pretzell, an AfD member of the European Parliament, who is also the husband of Ms Petry.


One day after the inauguration of Trump, there was a ‘European counter-summit’ hosted by the German far-right party, Alternative for Germany. All the members of the Europe of Nations and Freedom were present. From: Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and United Kingdom. The slogan of this summit was “The leaders of the new Europe present themselves” and Geert Wilders from the anti-Islam party, Party for Freedom tweeted “WeWillMakeOurCountriesGreatAgain, a play on the slogan of Trump “Make America Great Again”.

These far-right and anti-Islamic parties expressed their support earlier to the former elect-President Trump and used the tune of “change” which took place in the US as a motivation and a stimulus to the people of Europe, that “change” is possible. And that the struggle of the Western European countries is in a way the same struggle against the rooted establishment.

Also a half a year ago the British voted with 52% in a referendum for the withdrawal from the European Union. Again the same rhetoric was used by these politicians to motivate its people to leave the EU, in order to retake and reclaim their national sovereignty which had been hijacked by the EU.

With success, these parties managed to take hold on some large segments of societies in certain European states. For example Geert Wilders of Party for Freedom is scoring high on the election polls. At this moment it is by far the biggest party in the Netherlands. It is expected that his party will win the general elections in March 15 this year.

The sentiments which are being used by all of these parties are; anti-establishment, anti-leftist, anti-EU and anti-Islam. This shows that these movements use the internal discontented of the masses in order to gain success Whether it is issue related to employment, social health care, the economic crises, immigration, individualisation of the societies, decline of morals and values or immigration.

It is evident that the general rhetoric is being “anti.” Which is an attribute of a counter movement, instead of a movement which has viable alternatives and profound solutions. For example the election program of the Freedom Party consisted out of one single page. The solution according them is simple, go back to “the good old days.” Where the local currency were once valid, the borders were secure, the decision making was done by their own nation, where there was no “problem” of Islam and the Muslims etc… This idea which is detached from any realistic solution is still receptive to the masses, because the masses don’t have any other alternative!

The masses are struggling and searching for real solutions but are trapped in a vicious circle of capitalism without having any possibility to escape. The repeating history is the proof of it. The solution is neither by political left or by right or by centre.

Without any doubt there is an ideological vacuum existing in the world today. The people are stuck and can’t go further, whether this is in the western world or in the Muslim world. As long as the capitalistic world order is dominant we will never get out of this misery we face today. This is the time that Islam should be presented and introduced as the only correct alternative way of live to them. But in order to do that, we as the blessed Ummah should realise it firstly in our lands by uniting the Muslims under the banner of Islam; al Khilafah. So we can show the Light of Islam in a tangible, practical and exemplary way.


Okay Pala

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Netherlands