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“Islam is the Deen of Strength Knowledge and Good Manners”

We have been publishing a series on TechTank called, “Winners and losers in the fulfillment of national artificial intelligence aspirations.” The research has evaluated 44 countries on how well-positioned each country was to achieve its national AI objectives. In subsequent posts, each country was ranked on the two sub-dimensions of their implementation plans: people and technology In this final post in the series, we sharpen our focus on the U.S. and what it needs to do to achieve dominance in the world market in its national AI strategy. (

Before WWI, it was Europe who was the leader in science and technology. After WWII, it was US until China came into the arena of science and tech advancement and these days, we often see a rivalry and competition between US and China in military, economic and technological advancements. For almost a century, we hardly find any writing documentary stating it was Islam by implementing it whereas Muslims were the ones who laid the foundation of science and technology.

How was our situation when we were ruled by Islam, the strongest military and economy, for centuries we became the biggest civilization in the history of humans that expanded for centuries. Our borders reached China in the east and Atlantic Ocean in the west and south of France in North and the forests of Africa in South.

In the field of knowledge, Abu al Baraka al Bagdadi discovered laws of motion 5 centuries before Newton. His books were available in the libraries of Europe and were translated into English and French at the time of Newton. Ibn Sina discovered the worm causes schistosomiasis and meningitis. Al Biruni who was the one who discovered the gravity of earth well before Newton! As he was a scholar from 3rd century who said “An object falls on the ground due to gravitational force concentrated on it”. But the West are thieves as they steal the knowledge from other nations and attribute it to themselves.

Al-Biruni was the one who explained solar and lunar eclipses, he was the one who laid the basis for measuring the earth into hemispheres. He described that the earth is round in nature and determined the latitude and longitude of earth. He also said that the speed of light is much faster than the speed of sound and explained the speed of earth rotation. All these individuals were centuries before Newton but as it’s mentioned earlier the West are thieves, the world saw in broad daylight how the West steals resources from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia when invaded; they have been stealing our oil from Muslims oil fields since long.

Who was the first to discover the pendulum of the clock? Al Yonus AlMasri but the West attributes the discovery to Galileo in the 17th century. Abu Bakar Al Razi was the one invented the surgical threads that dissolved and made these threads used in internal surgeries possible. The Al Khwarizmi discovered algorithms which paved the way for inventing the computer/laptop, programming knowledge and iPhones, etc. In the process of don’t forget Ibn e Haytham, the one who placed the theory of reflection and answered the most crucial question about optics i.e. “How do we see?” Al Jazari invented the water pump to pull water mechanically that increases agriculture within the Khilafah (Caliphate) manifolds and he also discovered the theory that circular motion can generate power.

Let’s listen to what historians of other nations say, of course they are few naturally, French historian Debar said “We Europeans are in debt to Arabs in attaining the comfort in our daily lives, Muslims are the ones who thought us the cleanliness of our body,” he further said Muslims were opposite to Europeans who didn’t change their clothes except when they start emitting an odor, he also stated that the library of Qurtaba (Qordoba) used to have 400,000 books. Qurtaba used to have 50 hospitals 700 years before Paris even knew of one hospital. Muslims are the ones who discovered sugar coatings for bitter medicine so the patient could relish it, Muslims are the one who used to sterilize the surgical equipment before operations.

Yes we were the people who even didn’t know how to read or write, then what made us such a formidable Ummah in every aspect of life the world has ever witnessed in such a short span from concerns of knowledge of medicine from architecture to agriculture from economy to military, what was the new factor that transformed us, brightened us, enlightened us, nothing except for Islam! Islam is the Deen of knowledge, Deen of strength, Deen of good manners, Deen of complete civilization. It is all taken away from us when we lost our shield; i.e. Khilafah as Islam became unknown again after Khilafah was destroyed and now we are in a state of misery, mercilessness ruin, looted, dishonoured at the hands of Kuffar around the globe, and the only way Islam becomes known again is by implementing it via Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood.

Mohammad Adel