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Is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Gathered to Deceive and Deflect?

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, “The ruling, independent, Palestinian state, which is the capital city of East Jerusalem within the boundaries of 1967, should be revived in the shortest time.” The Executive Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation had extraordinarily gathered when the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu hosted a conference according the last developments about the Harem-I Sharif. (Source:
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IIT) is “extraordinary” gathered at the level of Foreign Ministers in Istanbul to deal with the encountered issues in Harem-i Sharif on August 1, 2017. There are currently 38 member countries participating in the 56 member countries. The meeting also shows us the importance of the foreign ministers’ leadership about the Palestine issue. Some countries took the level of importance even further down by sending their deputy ministers. As is known this organization was established in 1969 when the Jewish entity burned Masjid al-Aqsa. Then the prayer couldn’t be performed in Masjid al-Aqsa. After 50 years from that time, Jewish presence in the form of its entity, again, closed the doors of the mosque. They put their soldiers in front of the door. Again the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was gathered.

Cavusoglu, who made the opening speech of the gathering, claimed that the Jewish presence had a “good sense” as a result of their executions. He added that he hoped that the Jewish presence would account the sensitivities of Muslims regarding Jerusalem and the Harem-i Sharif.

Cavusoglu counted among the duties of giving to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem from education to health and restoration of historical buildings. Cavusoglu said: “We must act more effectively to protect the Harem-i Sharif, Jerusalem and the Palestinians” and said that the two state-solution of America should be the matter of the concern. In the final declaration these statements have been said: “We greet the patience and the power of the Palestinians in Jerusalem”, “We strongly condemn Israel’s recent provocative actions”.

No matter what country leads the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, it does not change the fact that there is no solution to be found and none of talks that are made will change according to the experienced crises. It can only be changed by typing “strongly” in front of a so-called condemnation message. Every “state” which is participating in this meeting and who did not object to the final declaration, is serving the Jewish entity that occupied the Palestinian territories. Although the name is “Organization for Islamic Cooperation”, they are collaborators of the Jews. If this was not the case, shouldn’t they have to act against such massacres and aggressive attitudes of the Jews?

I think that is important to highlight the following according the meeting of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation:

1- The Jews, with the help of France and Britain, exiled the Palestinians from their lands. And America supported the Jewish presence and helped the occupation with money, weapons and international decrees.

2- Relevant necessities of the Palestinian issue, the one state-solution of the British and the two state-solution of the Americans, both means of legitimizing Jewish existence. This also means the end of Palestine, not the liberation of it.

3- By giving up most of Palestine and asking for a state within the borders of 67, means “pulling Palestine to the Jews” in one meaning.

4- Leaders who express the resistance to the Jews as an act of terror and violence in Palestine and when they consider the attacks and massacres of the Jewish presence as a defense makes them collaborators of the Jews.

5- The meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation showed that; “For the Jews, Palestine, Masjid al-Aqsa and the Palestinian people were simply abandoned.”

6- The Islamic Ummah will never forget those rulers who are not moving an inch to the incidents in the Islamic lands but mobilize their armies when their masters call them to do so.

7- Holy lands do not expect anyone to visit for touristic purposes under the shadow of the occupation.

8- Palestinian people are awaiting for the ones like Fatih who will show the Jewish foreign minister who said, “The days of the Ottoman Empire are already over.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people and it will stay that way” that the Ottoman Empire hasn’t been ended and to save the world from the filth of the Jews, and to shed their blood and give their lives only for Allah.

9- Although the disbelievers and the hypocrites do not want it, may Allah ordain the occupied Palestine and the other Islamic countries to an honorable Caliph and his army under Khilafah al Rashidah (Righteous Caliphate) upon the Prophetic example.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by Osman Yıldız