Nov 27th
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Boston probe touches on immigration, Muslim surveillance

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BOSTON, April 21 (UPI) -- Two Republican lawmakers urged greater scrutiny of U.S. Muslims and the shelving of immigration reform during the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said Sunday the FBI should intensify its efforts to ferret out radical Muslim terrorists who may be living in the United States while Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., said he favored holding off on immigration legislation until more is learned about the two natives of Chechnya who were accused of planting the deadly bombings.

King and Coats were among the members of Congress who called Sunday for a close look at the potential reasons the Tsarnaev brothers were apparently not under law-enforcement scrutiny despite a lengthy visit Tamerlan Tsarnaev made to Russia and Dagestan in 2011.

Although a solid connection to Chechen militants has not yet been established, King said on "Fox News Sunday" the bombing pointed out the U.S. war on radical Islamist terrorism was not over and law enforcement need to keep developing information within the Muslim community in the United States. "If you know a certain threat is coming from a certain community, that's where you have to look," said King, who added that "99 percent of Muslims (in the United States) are outstanding Americans."

Coats, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told ABC's "This Week" the Boston investigation had a greater sense of urgency than immigration reform and probably reform should be put on hold until the dust settled.

"Immigration is an issue that has dramatic economic effect on Americans. It also has national security implications," Coats said. "I think stepping back just a little bit and putting it on hold (is a good idea because), for instance, we have a bigger issue than immigration in front of us, and that's our debt deficit and it's got to get solved."

Meanwhile, the surviving suspect, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, remained hospitalized while lawmakers debated whether or not he should be charged criminally or held as an enemy combatant who could be interrogated by intelligence officers without being represented by an attorney.

The mayor of Boston said Sunday he hoped the U.S. government would "throw the book" at the accused marathon bomber.

"I hope that the U.S. attorney, Carmen Ortiz, takes him on the federal side and throws the book at him," Mayor Thomas Menino said on ABC's "This Week." "These two individuals held this whole city hostage for five days. That's what these terrorist events want to do, hold the city hostage and stop the economy of the city."

Tsarnaev is accused of setting off the two backpack bombs that caused three deaths and injured dozens during the Boston Marathon last week and then allegedly gunned down a university police officer before Tsarnaev was arrested and his older brother, Tamerlane, killed in a gun battle.

The federal government was expected to charge 19-year-old Dzhokar with terrorism as early as Sunday, sources told CNN.

"He is in no condition to be interrogated at this point in time," Police Commissioner Ed Davis told "Fox News Sunday.

"We are examining every possibility here," said Davis. "We have told the people of Boston we feel that they're safe at this point in time, and we continue to say that. There may be other components to this investigation that will lead to charges down the road. This is a very intensive and wide-ranging inquiry."

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Ghassan said:

Whenever a Muslim is accused of something by the kuffar, many Muslim organizations begin falling all over themselves to throw themselves at the feet of the kuffar in condemnation of whatever was purported to have been done by the Muslim accused. Seldom, do these Muslim organizations actually follow Islamic principles when it comes to verifying the accusation. Simply put, almost every act of terrorism that Muslims have been accused and convicted of by the kuffar in their courts wouldn't stand up if the accusations were put to the test by following the shariah in terms of the evidences and proofs needed for such deeds to be established as having been committed by the accused. In man-made corrupted systems, accusations are proved by innuendo, PR, slander, and heresay. That we now see the real agenda of the kuffar with respect to Muslims in the West get some air time after the latest accusation of terrorism is no surprise. Muslims in the West are in the exact same position as the Jews were in 1930's Germany and surrounding nations. The same plan of the kuffar to remove the Jews from the Europe is now being applied to Muslims. Of course, it is framed differently. It isn't overtly racial. It is religious and ideological. Those Muslims who assimilate to the sewer that the West is will be just fine as they drown in the excrement with all the rest. Extinction is their fate. Those who refuse to do this will be attacked, vilified, and eventually subjected to the same treatment that the Jews received. That is, if the Muslims remain silent in the face of the clear agenda and abandon Islam. Now more than ever, a proper calling to and living of the deen while working for the re-establishment of the Khilafah is needed as the stakes couldn't be more higher.
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April 23, 2013
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