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Imprisonment, Isolation, No Helper!!

Recently, Palestinian prisoner, Shorouq Al-Badan, was released from Damon Prison after an administrative detention that lasted 14 months. She said that she does not feel a sense of freedom, and she feels pain and fear for her friends in prison, whom she could not even say goodbye to. The Damon Prison administration launched a new repressive attack against the female prisoners as a punishment for their celebration of the operation of the martyr Khairy Alqam in occupied Jerusalem. The repression units flooded the prisoners’ rooms with cold water, then stormed in and beat and dragged them using electric rods, and transferred them to the solitary confinement cells.

According to the data of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, the occupation arrested 172 Palestinian women during the past year, and the number of female prisoners today is 28, including three minors. Among the female prisoners, six were injured during their arrest. The situation of the prisoner, Israa Jaabis, is considered the most difficult case, as she suffers from severe deformities in her body, as a result of the serious burns she had during her arrest in 2015.

As for Damon Prison, it is located in Daliat al-Carmel, occupied Haifa district, and it is one of the prisons of the Jewish entity, a section of which is allocated for female prisoners. The prison goes back to the period of the British Mandate, when it was established as a warehouse for tobacco, then was transformed into one of the harshest occupation prisons for male and female prisoners.

Physical violence against female prisoners has doubled during the crackdowns in the last five years compared to previous years. In Damon Prison, female prisoners live in daily oppression through solitary confinement, which the prison administration uses regularly to punish them according to any pretext. When the prisoner is isolated, she is deprived of the “cantina”, i.e., the prison canteen, and the “fora”, i.e., going out to the prison yard. She is also prevented from taking her clothes, and is given a damp blanket with an unpleasant odor, and a jailer is placed at the door of the prison cell. That is, the female prisoner is completely separated from reality, so she has no contact with the female prisoners or a lawyer, and she is prevented from visitors. This is not to mention the surveillance cameras deployed in the prison that violates their privacy. The female prisoners protested against the cameras in Hasharon Prison.

Years pass from the lives of female prisoners under harsh and unbearable conditions away from their families, husbands, and children, and there is no one to mitigate or defend them from women’s rights organizations and women’s associations that claim their concern for women of their lives, dignity, and rights. Those associations and institutions whose deficiencies and malicious goals have been revealed, want to harm Muslim women under the pretext of rights and equality, yet in fact they want to drive her out of her home, her chastity and dignity, to be a metamorphosis of Western women. Only the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) State on the Method of the Prophethood will liberate them and all the captives, and will liberate the land and protect the honor.

Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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