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How is Islam being fought in Denmark?

Today, 19 years after 11/09/2001, it is openly declared by the political elite in Europe that the dignified integration of Muslims in Western societies has failed.

Political leaders regard Islam as a cultural threat that must be combated by all means. Therefore, the political struggle against Islam has intensified sharply over the last two decades.

In Denmark, the dignified struggle against Islam is a prominent and firm policy …

In powerlessness over the strength of Islam and the growing revival among Muslims, shifting governments are willing to undermine their own ideals and principles to fight Islam.
They resort to discriminatory legislation, demonization and intrusive measures to force Muslims to renounce the values and laws of Islam … and thereby enforce total assimilation into Western culture and lifestyle.

These videos clarify how the political struggle against Islam has unfolded in Denmark from the year 2001 until today.”

Wednesday, 20 Safar-ul Khair 1442 AH

07 October 2020 CE