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Hizb ut Tahrir Palestine: Protest at the Russian Representative Office in Ramallah

Hizb ut Tahrir Palestine organized a protest on Tuesday 20th Muharram 1434 AH, (4th December 2012) near the Russian Representative Office in Al-Birah, Ramallah, to protest against the raids and arrests of Hizb activists in Russia. Dozens participated and various media outlets attended. Demonstrators raised a large banner bearing the words “Arbitrary Arrests and Attacks against Members of Hizb ut Tahrir in Russia is the Real Terrorism” in Arabic and Russian.

Below is a letter written to Russia’s Representative in Ramallah.

Letter to the Russian Representative in Ramallah

On the 6th November of this year 2012, the Russian Authorities continued its widespread assaults against Hizb ut Tahrir activists in Russia, reaching nearly forty assaults in Moscow and its suburbs. While the number of searches was approximately thirty in Ufa, and as a result of these operations more than sixty Muslims were arrested on suspicion of belonging to Hizb ut Tahrir. Hand grenades and guns were PLANTED on the detainees only to be confiscated by the authorities. This is in addition to the house and mosque raids by Russian Authorities further pursuing the wanted activists’ wives, mothers, and sisters.

The operations came after the Russian authorities sensed the role of the Hizb and its activities amongst Muslims, through various activities such as seminars, conferences and media promotions, and the raising of the Islamic banners throughout the regions of Russia especially in predominantly Muslim areas, and the on-going efforts to educate the Muslim community on Islam clarifying the true Islamic culture, including peaceful activities aimed at raising the Muslim population’s general awareness of Islam and the need to belong to the Ummah and work for the vital issue of establishing an Islamic Khilafah state which will unite Muslims in one nation under the shade of one Khaleefah.

We came here to expose the acts of the malicious Russian government against our Muslim brothers and sisters and our activists for the world to witness Russia’s evil identity, and to emphasize the following:

1. The Russian government’s attempt to seize Hizb ut Tahrir has failed, Insha’Allah. Corrupt tactics will neither benefit its attempts, such as planting bombs and guns during raids of detainees in an effort to accuse Hizb ut Tahrir of illegal material means, because the identity of the Hizb and its history is crystal clear. The fact that this political party does not use material means can no longer be denied or blinded by the Russian government. All the previous attempts of the many governments throughout the world are doomed to fail including the Russian government’s attempts.

2. The twenty million Muslims in Russia are our brothers, and we are here to assure these Muslims are a part of us and we are a part of them. We are the children of one belief (Aqeedah). There is not a power strong enough on Earth to divide us from the great body of the Ummah.

3. We guarantee you that the activists of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Russia will never abandon their Dawah work and their work for the cause of Muslims, and your efforts to intimidate and eliminate Hizb ut-Tahrir in Russia is doomed to failure, just like your earlier attempts to extract of Islam hearts of Muslims in Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia have failed.