Middle East

Hizb ut-Tahrir issues a communique to the people of Palestine, particularly Fatah and Hamas

 On the 9th Muharram, 28th January 2007, the global leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir issued a communique to the Muslims of Palestine in general and the two fighting groups Hamas and Fatah. The communique was widely distributed across Palestine as well as the Muslim world.

Here is a translated summary of the communique:

• The communique begins with an appeal to the Islamic emotions of the people; “Good people of Palestine, good people of Jerusalem and the sacred precincts… you are the grandchildren of great people and shuhadah… from the Caliph Omar bin al Khattab (ra) to Abu Ubaydah (ra)… there is not an inch of this sacred land that has not been blessed with the blood of liberators and muhahids".

• You (Hamas and Fatah) have knowledge of this great history yet instead of living up to these great standards, your children witness you fighting and shedding each others blood? The enemy laughs at you whilst you fight and kill each other.

• Meanwhile the plan of the US, Europe and the Zionist state continues – using you as pawns in their game. You both need to realise that Palestine will not find a solution with the so-called 'Quartet', or agreements like the Roadmap or Oslo. Also your 'political' positions that you fight over are no more than ceremonial positions that these foreign powers have created to lead you to political submission.

• The communique ends by rebuking Fatah and Hamas and reminding them of the punishment from Allah (swt) for shedding each others blood deliberately, it reminds them of the sincerity they should be upholding. The communication ends with a message from Hizb ut-Tahrir to stop the fighting and to respond to this message before it is too late.

Dated 9 Muharram 1428
Signed Hizb ut-Tahrir