High Levels of Child Abuse is one of the Fruits of the Liberal Capitalist Democratic System


On May 31st, The Malay Mail online and many other newspapers reported the abduction in Malaysia of a 2-year-old toddler Siti Soffea Emelda. Soffea was abducted by a man and hours later found dead with her head severed on the bank of Klang River. CCTV from Kota Raya Complex in Pudu shows the possible suspect and toddler about three hours after she went missing from her mother’s care, Siti Salmi. Siti Salmy, 32, who police say is homeless and unemployed, had gone to the shopping complex on Thursday to hang out with her friends. At about 8 pm, she went to a toilet and left Siti Soffea with four of her friends. When she returned five minutes later, Siti Soffea was no longer with them. The suspect had a record for several offences, including drug-related offences. He was released from Kajang prison just a few months ago.


Another case of child abduction once again emerges in Malaysia with a heartbreaking end. This innocent child was kidnapped and nearly violated before being killed brutally. Certainly it is very disgusting when this case is not merely ordinary kidnapping but it is considered a case of a sexual crime against a child. The suspect had kidnapped the child, then took her to the bushes to violate her. A witness stated that the criminal tried to violate her but when he was aware of the public’s presence, he killed the child with a ceramic tile, then jumped into the river to try to escape.

Child abuse in Malaysia is unfortunately happening with increasing frequency. The factors that contribute to it is the increasing spread of pornographic films nowadays which are easily accessible. This is a result in part from the principle of freedom of ownership which is applied in the democratic capitalist system and allows such filth to be produced and sold for the sake of profit. Another factor is the spread of liberalism with its value of sexual freedom in this country which originates from the West and has encouraged individuals to fulfil their instinct as they desire. Apart from that, a fragile penalty system has been adopted in this country such that this ex-prisoner is still not afraid of committing crimes even though he has just been released from jail.

In order to solve the problem of child abuse, the application of the current laws in this system is not sufficient. This is because, it is clear that these laws have failed to solve this problem. The implementation of the Islamic system comprehensively is required to curb this problem totally. The application of the Islamic system will minimize even the tiniest factors that may trigger the occurrence of sexual crimes happening and also other perverse sexual behaviours. This it will achieve through the outright prohibition of pornography and any other action that contributes to the sexualisation of society or encourages any relationship outside of marriage. This is alongside creating an atmosphere of taqwa and noble values in society. However, if there are people still practicing it, then the Islamic penalty system (uqubat) will be a bastion that can protect the community. This is through implementing a heavy, severe sentence on perpetrators to ensure offenders do not repeat their actions and in order that others also do not follow their footsteps.

Therefore, curbing child abuse and saving the society from sexual crimes can only be actualized by throwing away the system and ideology of secular liberal democracy and replacing it with the implementation of the Islamic Shariah comprehensively under the shade of the Khilafah system.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Sumayyah Ammar

Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir