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Has Islam Hostility become a Natural Part of Sweden?

All people are of equal worth. All people should have the same right to education and work regardless of gender, religion, political convictions or ethnicity. The constitution guarantees that all should have the same right to express themselves and freedom of expression is indisputable in the Western society. Except for one group: the Muslims!

On Thursday the 29th of November 2017, several media outlets among them SvD, DN and Metro reported about a research that showed that an essay written by a Muslim student would receive lower grades.

This news comes at an already turbulent time where Muslims in the society must struggle extensively to avoid the systematic hinders in their way to achieve success. Whether it is women who are denied jobs due to their veils or Muslim voices that are not allowed in the public debate or mosques that are attacked and vandalized or youngsters that are already marked as failures because they were born in the wrong area with the wrong name.

This is the result of the politics that has been carried out in the previous few years, the demonization of media and a biased reporting of Muslims being either terrorist or being inhumane or discriminating against women or having a hidden agenda. This makes Muslims, for fear of not being labelled the above mentioned categories, take a step back and rather than express themselves and contribute to the society with the competences that they possess. This Islamophobic tendency that has taken form after the fall of communism and become clearer day by day has led to Muslims not having the same chances of success in society as other groups because house landlords, employers and teachers see Muslims as monsters whom they refuse to offer any chances. This is confirmed by the politicians that comment upon the tragedies and attacks in society and blame Islam and Muslims whenever the attacker is a Muslim but are silent when the attacker is not a Muslim. The same politicians will be found in the mosques in about half years time begging to bag the votes of Muslims and will be talking about how good they have been to the community.

Dear Muslims,

Do not forget, this development has occurred under the noses of “the good” and the “Muslim friendly” political parties. How friendly are they when their interests lie somewhere else? To reduce the fear to SD is similar to losing sight of what is important in this debate because SD is also a result of the prevalent political culture. They are the other side of the same coin. The only difference is in rhetorics. Their values are despite the rhetoric the same.

All these are cheap tricks to make us fall upon our knees and not demand that which is quite evident, our rights. The purpose is that we should accept that we cannot live a normal live in peace and with same conditions as everyone else if we do not accept the Western values. Contrary to that we should hold fast to our values and dare to take the debate despite the demonization so that we may influence the public opinion that has misguided the majority of the society. And in the long run we must realize that our only protection is in the Khilafah (Caliphate). We have the best example in the Prophet who together with the Sahaba was demonized and faced the worst form of persecution from day one. However, he was the one victorious at the end. This required patience and an active and determined effort work without fear and with complete trust in Allah Almighty…. Verily it is Allah (swt) who gives victory to His loyal servants Allah will give the victory to His Loyal servants who band together in times of hardship.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

Sunday, 15th Rabii’ I 1439 AH

03/12/2017 CE

No.: 02/1439