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Glorifying the Kufr Systems Blackened Their Hearts

Immigrants and refugees in Turkey are nothing more than an issue of elections. Ahead the June 23 elections, Minister of Interior, Süleyman Soylu, promised to replace all Arabic company signs and signboards with Turkish ones and to deport more than 50,000 immigrants. He said that they deal more with the migration issue than the terror and drug issue, and that they caught more than 122,000 illegal migrants this year. “The Syrians will abide to the rules just like I do.” and “Everyone will have to comply with our rules. We will treat those, who do not fit suit, with what is necessary”, “Everybody will stick to the system and rule.” and “We do not allow disturbing the public order.” He used these and more similar assimilationist and xenophobic expressions. On the other side, Ekrem Imamoğlu, Istanbul candidate of the CHP, which is known to be racist and hostile towards Islam and Syrians, used expressions like: “There are traumatised families, distressed children. […]  For the urgent solution of the problems, we will support the children, women and families psychologically and morally in this process.” Regardless of his rhetoric, he also aims at deporting the foreigners, in particular the Syrians, as soon as possible.


We know this kind of talks very well from Europe and other Western countries. The influx of refugees is always on top of the European countries’ agenda. And their demand for political solutions in their parliaments, media and every opportunity take more and more aggressive shapes. The tongue they use not only reveals the falsehood of their values like liberty, freedom, equality and human rights, but generates xenophobia and Islamophobia in severe dimensions. “Shutting down migration routes to Europe”, “limiting EU aid to refugees in Europe” are heading internal and external politics, which are justified through concepts of assimilation, integration, and compatibility. The popularity of politicians, who claim that Europe is being “Arabised” and “Islamized”, and that the “own people remain unemployed”, while “the foreign culture dominates over the own culture”, is growing day by day. This rhetoric suits the infidel West, for it is the West itself that causes the displacement of people through its oppressive colonialist politics and wars, and leaves them to misery through exploiting their wealth, while additionally keeps statistics for its profit and loss accounts. And those who aid the West’s foreign political success are the puppet and characterless rulers and politicians of the Muslim lands, who implement the humiliating kuffar West’s politics upon the oppressed local and immigrant citizens of the lands of Islam.

Alongside these threats exerted against the Syrians, today more than 50,000 so-called illegal refugees from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan live in Turkey. Although they are in Turkey for 7-8 years on average, they are deprived of any rights, cannot send their children to school, and cannot benefit from health services and cannot work. Additionally, thousands of Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Uyghur refugees, including women and children, are being held in repatriation centres across Turkey. Some of them are incarcerated in these repatriation centres, which are designed for short term stays, for more than a year. The Turkish regime has embraced its colonialist masters’ politics to such an extent that it now speaks out of the same mouth about those oppressed people, who sought refuge in it, as it does about every other issue. Despite being part of the Muslim people, their hearts blackened with the darkness of the kufr systems which they glorified. What is even worse is that the AKP voters did not elicit any response to these expressions by the Minister of Interior, Süleyman Soylu. However, the Muslims used to shake media and social media when such expressions where uttered by the CHP or other parties in order to protect their Syrian brothers and sisters. It is so painful to see how the rulers upon us open all ways to the Kuffar to overcome us, despite the fact that Allah (swt) clearly expressed in Surah an-Nisa 141, that He (swt) will not allow their dominance over the Believers. The Muslims must understand the meaning of the uttered words very well and must urgently start to enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong to their politicians.


Zehra Malik