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“From the Coup Sisi” to “Brother Sisi” Step by Step!

Exploratory talks between Turkey and Egypt are starting. According to an Egyptian statement, Political Consultations will be held between Turkey and Egyptian delegations in Cairo on May 5 and 6. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said earlier that it had been agreed between Turkey and Egypt that the channel opened between intelligence agencies would continue through the foreign ministries. In a written statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry noted that political consultations will be chaired by Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Sedat Onal and Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Hamdi Sanad Loza. (Source: Bloomberght)

As we all know, diplomatic relations between Turkey and Egypt have been maintained at a mutually level of benefit since 2013. However, the tense politics that have been going on for years are now gradually being replaced by normalisation. Step by step “coup cruel Sisi” becomes “brother Sisi” …

Those rulers who carry out the policy of “let bygones be bygones” and foremost Erdogan! You made profit out of every instance and criticized by saying “Oh Tyrant, Oh dictator”.

You made use of the Rabia symbol and it became the icon of your party…

Bu any means, you would have never agreed with Sisi, the tyrant…

In June 2019, on election day, you made use of the blood shed on the Rabia Square by saying “are we voting for Binali Yildirim? Or are we voting for Sisi?”

İn November you said that Sis was a criminal…

Again you, oh Erdogan!

At the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, you criticized the coup leader Sisi sharply. You did not attend the dinner given by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon because Sisi was also invited and you said, “I can’t sit at the same table and legitimize the coup plotters.”
Again, you underlined that “There are those who want to reconcile me very much with Sisi, which is impossible.

You know why? I would not face an anti-Democrat who sentenced Morsi and his friends to prison, who had received 52 percent of the vote of his people, nor would I sit at the same table as such a person. First, we must see these facts, otherwise Allah will account us because of this. If we are the rulers, if we run a nation, a state, we have to account for what we have done in the Hereafter.” (Hurriyet)

These words are true. Allah will account for those who shake their hands with the tyrants. Allah is the only one who will call to account.

Sisi is still the same Sisi, he was a tyrant in the past and he still is.

Today you are preparing to sit at the same table whom you called a tyrant and a dictator. Alas! How horrible shifts you make!

Such a bad outcome and shifting is inevitable for non-ideological States. If you are not an ideological state, you cannot decide how to act! You can’t decide who you want to pursue politics with! Because, after all, you are a dependent state, not an ideological one. The dependent state, on the other hand, depends on an ideological state in which it rotates its foreign policy and moves in its orbit. As in the case of Turkey and the United States…
But, neither America nor its interests will determine the foreign policy of the approaching Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate). The policies of the Khilafah will only be determined by tenets of Islam, insha Allah.

As it is today, the Khilafah will not be one of the tiny and powerless states, which are within the orbit of colonialist disbeliever states. Yet, it will be the implementer of the policy according to its tenets. Isn’t this frightening them?

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Abdullah İmamoğlu