BOOK: The turbulence of the Stock Markets: Their causes & the Shari’ah rule pertaining to these causes

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This book was first released by Hizb ut-Tahrir shortly after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Although written over 10 years ago the principles detailed in this book are still very relevant today in the current financial crisis.

EXCERPT: In the last week of October 1997, the major stock markets suffered a sharp fall in share prices. It started in Hong Kong, moved to Japan, then to Europe and then on to America.The fall moved in succession, from one country to another at the start of the day in each country. The sharp drop was coupled with a frenzied panic from a possible repeat of October 1987, when the Dow-Jones Index in New York dropped by 22% in one single day, or even worse, a possible repeat of what happened in 1929, when the collapse in the value of shares in America led to a major economic depression, which is referred to by historians as “The Great Depression”. This depression lasted for ten years and resulted in widespread poverty, starvation and misery. This depression did not lift until Franklin Roosevelt decided that America should enter the 2nd World War and revitalise her economy through a huge military armament.