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Every year, American colonialists blame others for the continuation of their criminal activities

General Nicholson, commander of American forces in Afghanistan, in a press conference with journalists in Pentagon last Friday stated that 2017 will be more problematic to Afghans than this year. He expressed his worries about the current disputes of National Unity Government leaders and insisted: “Our message to Afghan Government political leaders is that we always respect your opinion differences, but please do not let your political differences affect security situation because these achievements have cost a lot to us. The continuation of these disparities will create social fractures, but we are yet not the witness of such things in National Security Forces.”


It is evident to all that during the year American colonists say, “Everything is going well! Government has considerable achievements, but not enough! And …” but at the end of the year, commander of American colonist forces making such annoying forecast to bring public opinion under the magic like the calf of Samree, so that Muslims of Afghanistan do not assume about the real solution of these problems – the establishment of Islamic State or Righteous Caliphate. While it is clear that the main reason behind political disputes of Afghan Government leaders is due to John Kerry’s infamous prescription of National Unity Government (NUG), and reasons of ethnic, language and sectarian differences is due to strategic agreement of Karzai, Security agreement of Ashraf Ghani and colonization.

Earlier to this, John Kerry’s elected president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said, Just the first six months of the current year will be full of problems, and now his lord proclaims the coming year is even harsher. Muslim and Mujahid population of Afghanistan suffers such 15 years of terror, horror, disrespect and crisis. In regard to current situation, Karzai should be asked for strategic agreement, Ashraf Ghani for security agreement and colonialists’ rented analysts for how much the colonist America and NATO have secured wellbeing, surety and security for Afghan people?!

Likewise, General Nicholson has added that Russia and Iran, contrary to NATO, try to give legitimacy to Taliban, and it indicates that Russia has connivance with NATO which will have bad impact. This colonist is shamelessly trying to blame others for coming mischiefs and horrors while it is known that Iran in the form of Islamic revolution is the most honest and strategic ally of America, and Russia has so far have expressed few concerns about its own. Therefore, the main reason of current tragic is America’s colonization and exploitation and that’s it.

It is not only Afghanistan, but everywhere in all Islamic land, American and NATO colonization and exploitation is the main root of all problems. If that is competition among world or regional countries with America and NATO; if that is political disputes among Government leaders; if that is ethnic, linguistic and sectarian disunities among people; if that is Muslims killing one another by various names and … the blame of all these crises and problems go to America and NATO for their guidance to United Nations, International Organizations, their puppet rulers, their intelligence agencies and rented killers. The only solution is holding the ideological Islam firmly so that Ummah root out the corruption and mischiefs which based on unlawful thinking and replaced it with righteous thinking, and we establish Righteous Caliphate based on Islamic belief, and as missioned, take the light of guidance to every corners of the world to bless the two worlds of many humans and overcome current blasphemous opinions, satanic activities, blood thirsty regimes, and dispute creating organizations so that many humans are saved from the hell and stand under the bliss and mercy of Allah سبحانه وتعالى in the Hereafter.


Saifullah Mustanir

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan