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Europe’s Own Fault

1st March 2020: A group of local residents were seen barring a boat with over a dozen migrants from docking as it was approaching the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos on Sunday. Footage shows residents shouting at migrants and telling them to “go away” as the boat reached the shores. The boat is believed to have come from Turkey. Thousands of migrants headed toward Turkey’s border with Greece earlier in the week after initial reports emerged that Turkey would no longer prevent them from attempting to cross into Europe. On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his country’s borders with Europe were open to migrants. The Greek islands, which continue to be the main entry point for illegal migration into the EU, have seen fierce protests in recent days as local residents decry government plans to build new migrant detention centres on the islands. (Source: YouTube channel!


European nations continue to take the moral high ground, when it comes to taking in refugees. They were convinced that their country cannot accommodate them and that their alien culture and religion will somehow destroy their superior way of life. They have manipulated the facts to generate a narrative built on individualism and benefit, which is unquestioned, and places Europeans as the benevolent victims of global instability.

The reality they choose to ignore is that European nations have always been integral to the destabilisation of most of the Middle East and the developing world. France was responsible for installing the criminal Alawite regime in Syria, and Britain played an integral role in the creation of the Zionist entity and Saudi.

Likewise after the European colonialism of Africa and the Asian sub-continent, eventually handed back a pseudo independence to countries like Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Liberia, Niger etc. Western nations continued to interfere in their foreign and domestic policies, and the interests of these nations were moulded through the economic strangleholds of supposedly neutral global institutions, the UN, WHO and their vast networks, to serve the economic and strategic interests of their Western masters.

The result of any politically repressed nation, unable to rule according to its core beliefs, governed by dictators or monarchs obsessed with power and personal gain, is a hotbed of revolutions in waiting.

So those who have struggled against injustice and oppression that were fought and dehumanised as terrorists and bandits, forced to flee their own governments and beloved homeland have every right to demand not only worldly justice but compensation for the evil Western game plan that unfolded, and sees millions killed and displaced today.


Maleeha Hasan