Establishing an Islamic Emirate poses a challenge to the establishment of Khilafah

The idea of establishing an Islamic Emirate poses a challenge to the Islamic project or movement and the establishment of the Khilafah.

Some may find this statement strange despite it being the true reality and that is that the idea of an Islamic Emirate as understood by the Jihaadi Salafi movement poses a danger within the Islamic project.

The Islamic Emirate does not have a Shar’i basis and it is a counter-productive idea politically and this has been confirmed in the examples in which this idea has been represented.

No shape of ruling or form of authority has been reported from the Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم except for the Khilafah. The idea of an Emirate does not mean anything according to the Islamic concept outside of the framework of the Khilafah. We are discussing here the issue of the rule and not Islamic groups which are present here and there. The Shar’a has affirmed that the Muslims are one Ummah and that it is not permitted for there to be more than one human Jamaa’ah according to the political understanding. This is not the Jamaa’ah in the meaning of a Hizb (political party) as it is permissible for there to exist a number of political parties at one time. I am speaking here about the concept of the Islamic Jamaa’ah that has been mentioned in the Prophetic Ahaadeeth such as: “It is obligatory to hold fast to the Jamaa’ah of the Muslims and their Imaam.”

So when the work is done to establish the Islamic authority or Islamic rule then it is obligatory to know that the only form that can be considered is that which the Shar’a has affirmed and approved of and that which the Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم explained, and this is the Khilafah. The Khilafah in its description as the general leadership for all of the Muslims without paying any regard to the region, borders, people or race. As such it is not permitted to reduce the Islamic project and shrink it to be a rule or authority in a deformed manner here and there where it does not possess any of the essential elements or prerequisites required for its success and thereafter when it fails attempts are made to link its failure to Islaam.

Some have after seeing the success of the Islamic project in a land or after seeing a vacuum or weakness in the authority rush to gain control over a town, city, province or even an afflicted land so as to announce within it the birth of ‘Islamic rule’ or an Islamic Emirate as if states are founded by their mere announcement alone.

This is similar to the example of the person who has was unable to have children for many years and then when his wife became pregnant he was unable to take control of himself. He cannot wait to see the child after waiting for so long and so he resorts to a caesarean section in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. These are good emotions but nevertheless murderous and destructive.

Any state requires essential elements or prerequisites for it to stand firm and continue. It is not enough to have belief in its justice for it to be established on the earth but rather it is necessary for it to have the essential material elements and this understanding applies to the Islamic State and its establishment.

When the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم was working for the establishment of the Islamic State he did not grab at any opportunity that was offered to him to establish his state. Rather he rejected for it to be established upon a land that does not fulfil the essential elements that were required for the success of the project. It has been related from the Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم that he offered himself once to Bani Shaibaan asking for the Nusrah (support) from them and a discussion took place between him صلى الله عليه وسلم and them in which the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم which showed that he صلى الله عليه وسلم was looking for an entity that had the elements required to form a powerful state.

The following is a part extracted from this discussion:

Abu Bakr asked: “What is your number?” Mafruq replied “We are one thousand in number and one thousand is no little figure.” Abu Bakr continued “What about the Manaa (power/defense) amongst you?” Mafruq answered “We always struggle, for every nation is bound to struggle.” Abu Bakr further enquired “What about the result of the battles between you and your enemies?” Mafruq responded, “When we fight we are in one of our furies and the battle is enraged…. We prefer our horses to our children and we prefer weapons to milking animals. So far as the victory is confirmed it is from Allah.”

The discussion then moved on to Al-Muthannaa and he was showing readiness to the invitation. “We have a treaty with Kisra (Emperor of Persia) due to which we are staying here (i.e. their land between the valleys of Yamamah and Samawah). According to the treaty we are not authorised to raise any new movement or give asylum to any such person who initiates a new movement and I see that that which you are inviting to may be hated by the kings…So if you desire that we support you and aid you against the Arabs then we are ready for that”.

It can be noticed in what Al-Muthannaa said that he offered the Nusrah but it was not complete and unrestricted and they saw that they were unable to stand up against the Persians and not powerful enough to face them whilst at the same time considering themselves capable of dealing with the Arabs with complete confidence.

And then came the response of the Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم who said: “You have not wronged us in your reply when you spoke clearly and honestly, but verily the Deen of Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla will never be helped except by the one that takes hold of it from all of its sides. Do you see that if you were to wait just a little until Allah causes you to inherit their lands and homes and endow you with their women? Would you then praise Allah and sanctify Him?” An-Nu’maan Bin Shareek (from amongst the leaders) said: “O Allah you would have that”.

So this is a clear rejection of the offer because it did not include the assurance of security from all of its sides but rather a deficient and incomplete security and this is what the Islamic project cannot accept or any other serious project.

It is necessary for the Islamic State that is desired to be established today to possess the essential elements and prerequisites that allow it to remain so that it is capable of defending itself from any external threat. This is especially the case where all of the disbelieving states oppose the Islamic project and struggle against its return night and day. So what is required is the realization of the reality that the Shar’i Hukm is applied upon according to what is most probable. This is because the understanding of power and strength is relative however it is necessary to achieve the minimum level of strength according to the least amount of doubt which would prevent enemies from overpowering it and for it to remain and continue, and indeed for it to expand and spread to the entire Islamic world.

O Allah, make our Deen firm for us, do not take us away from your path and do not exchange us for others, and grant our eyes the sight of the promised Khilafah on the path of the Prophethood.