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Prior to his first face-to-face meeting with US President Biden, President Erdoğan held a meeting with the executives of US large companies. Reuters news agency reported that the top executives of about 20 companies, including Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Kellogg, PepsiCo, Cisco, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, participated in the meeting. (DW)

During the AKP government under the leadership of Erdoğan, Turkey is having economically troubling times due to the reasons such as corruption and foreign borrowing. 20% of the taxes, collected during the nearly twenty-year of ruling period, went to interest payments. As of 2020, a total of $590 billion was made for interest payment. The figures for 2021 are much higher. A clear answer to the question of where and to whom 128 billion dollars of Central Bank reserves were spent, which occupied agenda of the Turkish public opinion for long time, could not be given.

While Erdoğan is trying to recover the economy in order to win the 2023 elections, on the other hand, with all his power, he is busy fulfilling the demands of his colonial masters. For this purpose, he held a two-hour teleconference call with the top executives of 20 US companies. Following these meetings, Erdoğan stated that he wants to increase the trade volume between America and Turkey to 100 billion dollars.However, Erdogan had also set a target of $100 billion for the trade volume between US and Turkey in his meeting with Trump in 2017. As of 2019, this figure was around 20 billion dollars in total. Turkey’s export to America was around $8.9 billion.

Therefore, these meetings and demands made by Erdogan with US companies are not new. These are the words that have been said before, during the Trump period.We can say the following about this meeting.

  1. Besides their interest, America, which is the number one colonialist country in the world, and its companies do not think about anything else. By any means, the investments they make in Turkey will realize their own interests rather than the interests of Muslims. It will definitely harm the country’s economy, not benefit.They come here to make money and to exploit, and if they invest a dollar, they do not hesitate to extract it many times more.
  2. Erdogan held this online meeting, companies such as Netflix, which promote and spread all kinds of sin, participated, also. Such companies have no other purpose than to spread corruption, immorality and prostitution in Islamic lands.On the one hand, they deprave the people living in these lands, on the other hand, they add billions of dollars to their wealth.They do not contribute to the national economy in any way.
  3. By stating “Biden’s statement on the 1915 events has put an added burden on our ties, but I believe the meeting we will hold on June 14 at the NATO summit will be the sign of a new era” regarding this meeting, Erdoğan made a sign that he will form a basis for his face-to-face meeting with Biden in Brussels.He showed that he was ready to fulfill the demands of US companies and to make all kinds of sacrifices for this.
  4. Speaking at the online meeting and stating “For 19 years, they have never abandoned their reform agenda and in response to ever-changing conditions and requirements, they continue reform process in economy, law, and justice in a determined manner”, Erdoğan clearly showed that he made every effort to satisfy his colonialist masters and will continue to do so. Because the reason for existence of the rulers of Muslims like Erdoğan is to obey their masters unconditionally and fulfill their demands.

As a result, regardless of the point of view, these meetings that Erdogan had with the executives of the US companies were only for realizing the interests of the colonialists.It is of no benefit for Turkey and the Turkish people.Moreover, America is a colonialist country that has openly declared war on Islam and Muslims.It is not permissible to regard these countries as friends.

Muhammet Hanefi YAĞMUR