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Erdogan is Also Exploiting the Istanbul Convention for Votes!

It is still being shuffled as regards to the Istanbul Convention, which the ruling party has put on its agenda by the statement of AK Party General Vice President Numan Kurtulmus “as we have duly signed it, then we shall withdraw from it” and which is ensured to be talked about in Turkey’s agenda by President Erdogan’s statement during the Central Executive Board meeting “Work and review. Abolish it if the people want it” for appeasing the masses, because after this order of the President, the feminist organizations and women’s associations, which are funded by Europe and supported by the West, have taken action. At the same time, capitalists who exploit the people have become involved; organizations like Borusan, Sabancı Holding, Koç Holding and many brands have joined the process, almost giving a memorandum to the ruling party in order not to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention.


On the one hand, Erdogan’s ruling party occupies the people by saying we will withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, gains support for this call from pro-government CSO’s like TUGVA and the columnists who never were able to put the Istanbul Convention on their agenda are slowly describing the evils of the convention, while on the other hand the Istanbul Convention is still being defended via some groups, KADEM being in the first place. In other words, the AK Party hits out right and left. On the one hand, it calms and occupies the people and on the other hand, it says to the West do not worry.

The president wants to get back the votes he lost through such issues and does not want to be surprised during the elections to be held, because he experienced it in the municipal elections. The general elections are very important for AK Party and America. For this reason, he could open Hagia Sophia for worship if needed and he did, he can withdraw from the Istanbul Convention if needed. During this process, the President completely tests the water, dominates the conservative voters and sends a message to Europe by the will to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, as he did by opening the Hagia Sophia…

If the President and AK Party are sincere as regards to the Istanbul Convention, they should act immediately. Even Poland is preparing to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention by saying “Against the Catholic family traditions”. Even the minister of justice of a western state considers the convention harmful on account of the fact that “it obliges to teach the children at school the gender issue”. However, in Turkey, the ruling party almost exploits this issue for votes. Actions speak louder than words, what are you still waiting for? Don’t you consider abolishing and completely invalidating the Istanbul Convention, which is an evil project? Or are you occupying the Muslims?

We see it and warn you, do not fool this people and do what is needed. The reason for femicides is the system itself… As long as this system exists, whether the Istanbul Convention exists or not, barbarities and murders will not end. So, withdraw the signature from this convention, keep your hands off from the family which Islam considers as a fort…


Mahmut KAR

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey