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Egyptian Operation Badr 1973!

Operation Badr was the code name for the Egyptian military operation to cross the Suez Canal and seize the heavily fortified Bar-Lev Line of the Jewish occupation on October 6, 1973. In that battle they exposed the false claims by the treacherous rulers that the Army of the Jews is invincible. The Egyptian army managed to destroy the fortifications of the Bar Lev line, and their loss reached only 64 martyrs, whilst the loss of the Jews were about 2838 soldiers killed, 2800 wounded and 508 prisoners, as well as many missing. The Muslims destroyed 840 tanks, 400 armored vehicles, 109 combat aircrafts and helicopters, and one warship. However, the rulers of the Muslims laid waste to this achievement due to the absence of ruling by all that Allah (swt) has revealed, submitting to the Jewish state and moving to recognizing it and normalizing relations with it. Today, we are in need of a Khaleefah Rashid, who will unify the millions of Muslim troops as one effective force against our enemies and liberate all occupied Islamic lands including Palestine and Kashmir.

Wednesday, 10 Ramadan 1440 AH – 15 May 2019 CE