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Drugs in Tanzania and its stake in capitalistic gains

War against drugs seemed to gain momentum in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam’s Regional Commissioner to order a spate of arrest of high profile and prominent individuals. The battle was further invigorated by President’s statement that the battle is a widespread agenda that should include all institutions and his appointment of Commissioner General of Anti–Narcotics Agency (The Drug Control and Enforcement Agency (DCEA)).

Regarding this, we in Hizb ut Tahrir Tanzania want to make clear on the following:

1- The anti-narcotics war in Tanzania is run on deception, since capitalist ideology that rules the world today built upon the basis of interest, whereby everything is determined by that criterion. Moreover, politics in democratic system is financed by capitalists who in most cases are the major stakeholders of the drug trade. So it is clear that the drug battle lacks seriousness, an empty slogan to deceive and distract the masses from government failure in many issues. Previously some high-profile politicians had boasted that a list of drug dealers were in their disposal, yet despite their high authority they did not dare to mention them.

2- The Democratic system promotes and edifying its people on evil and dangerous thought of ‘personal freedom’ that encourages most people to venture into the usage of narcotics as part of enjoyment of their freedom. Thus, drug usage has a direct relationship with idea of freedom which is a pivotal idea in democracy.

3- The capitalist ideology particularly its bankrupted economic system victimize humans into severe sufferings that lead them into depression due to its difficult and harsh repercussion, ultimately pushed some to assume that indulgence of drugs can dissipate their mental suffering or obtaining even temporary comfort. Capitalism lacks spiritual solutions to calm man during hard times.

4- Moreover, the democratic system in boosting economic interests pushes masses to be submissive and towards semi-worshiping of celebrities as their role model, whom some of them are drug users. As a result most infatuated youths plunged into the abyss of narcotics.

5- The Democratic system with its secular approach in man made law making can never overcome the drug problem, due to its mish mash double standard of legalizing some types of alcohol and prohibit the others. While in reality all forms of alcohol is harmful to humankind. How would you have the courage and morality to combat drugs, while you allow other types of drugs?

Islam is the only ideology that has strength in faith and laws to protect society from drugs; and confronting this battle radically by banning all kinds of alcohol. It is time especially for non-Muslims to appreciate the justice of Islam under its Khilafah state (Caliphate) that works tirelessly to protect human dignity, property, faith etc.


Masoud Msellem

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania

Monday, 16 Jumada I 1438 AH

13/02/2017 CE

REF: 02/ 1438 AH