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Does Imran Khan Really Embody a Movement of Legitimate and Fruitful Sacrifice?!

Pakistan’s government has banned ousted Prime Minister, Imran Khan, from holding a massive, planned rally in Islamabad and cracked down on his supporters in raids across the country, arresting hundreds. The ban on 24 May 2022 came hours after a policeman was killed during one of the raids, when a supporter of the former leader opened fire after officers entered his home in Lahore.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah warned Mr Khan that he would “not be allowed to disrupt peace in Islamabad” and would be arrested if needed, should the rally go ahead. Mr. Sanaullah earlier in the day accused Mr. Khan of seeking to create a civil war-like situation. Earlier this week, Mr. Khan urged supporters to converge on Islamabad on 25 May 2022 for a massive rally to pressure Mr. Sharif’s government. The demonstration, he said, would continue until a date for snap elections was announced. (Source: ABC)

Whoever thinks that Imran embodies a movement of legitimate sacrifice, after he was removed from his post and a new face for the regime was selected in his place, is sadly mistaken. Imran Khan knows well, first hand, how the rulers are chosen and manipulated by the real policy makers in the country, a faction within the military leadership. It is then that they endorsed by the actual master of the regime, sitting in the White House. Imran knows that the democratic system in the country, like other democracies in the rest of the world, is a mirage of freedom to choose the ruler and constitution.

However, in reality, democracy is itself a front for the deep state that directs politicians, dictating to them the policies that they must implement to the letter. The politicians are to be disciplined in their implementation, or they will face persecution or even assassination. There are many examples of this in the history of democracy in Pakistan alone. The assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto are only examples that confirm this. Thus, the option of arresting or exiling some of the elected representatives, ministers and prime ministers, is not the only option. It is only amongst the easiest of options, not an option of last resort that has fall-out, for these lowly political leaderships are humble and submissive before the deep state and its actual maser, Washington.

This is what many people speculate or suspect, but they are not sure. If they were to become sure or were to be made sure, they would not accept to be submissive to an illegitimate regime, loyal to the colonialist kuffar, for as long as the regime can serve US interests, before it is discarded, spent.

Imran Khan’s movement in the country will only bring evil for the people of Pakistan. In fact, the deep state left Imran free and alive for its own interest. Imran’s movement gives the regime an opportunity and an excuse to suppress the real opponents of the regime. The arrest of more than 400 of them is an example of that, so letting Imran loose is a means to an end. Tragically, the cheap struggle over power has a heavy price for the people to pay. As for early elections, it is merely another grab for the power, in which the people have no benefit or stake. The regime and the constitution, the source of people’s suffering, will not change through the elections. Elections will merely change the face of the regime and the front of the deep state.

Even if we assume Imran Khan’s victory in the elections, which is less likely, then does Imran have a doctrinal, political and economic vision that will bring the country out of its crisis?! The answer is no. Had Imran a radical vision, he would have already implemented it when he was in power. However, Imran is bankrupt like the rest of the Ruwaybidah (lowly) rulers who preceded him, as well as all the lowly rulers who will be born from the womb of democracy’s deep state in the future.

Imran’s movement serves the regime and does not harm it, or the interests of its master in anyway whatsoever. Moreover, by herding the Pakistani street to pursue the mirage of change through democracy, Imran diverts the Ummah away from the movement for real change, through the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood, on the ruins of this failed regime. Thus, with his movement, Imran diverts the people from ending the deteriorating economic and political situation in the country, where inflation and unemployment have skyrocketed, and whose only escape lies in ruling by all that Allah (swt) has revealed.

Therefore, the sincere who participate in the protests, as well as others from the silent majority in the country, must demand real change in the country. They must not allow any political leadership, from the government or the opposition, to deceive them, by ensuring the continuation of a system that does not benefit, but brings great harm. They must not accept to be burned as fuel for personal ambitions of visionless politicians for power. As for the sincere people of strength and power, they must clean their ranks of traitors and overthrow the political and military leadership, sweeping away the deep state and Western influence from our country. All that can only be done by their granting of their Nussrah to the political leadership of real change and liberation from colonialism, Hizb ut Tahrir, in order to establish the state of glory and victory, the Khilafah on the method of Prophethood.

Bilal Al-Muhajir – Wilayah Pakistan