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Do Not Lend Support to the Oppressors

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, which is holding its 22nd meeting, for the first time. The fact that Turkey, which is not a member of the organization but has a dialogue partnership, will take part in the family photo at the summit; Is important in the framework of developing relations and strengthening dialogue with Asia’s most powerful security organization, which includes China, Russia and India. (16.09.2022 Agencies)

The 22nd Shanghai Meeting, which started with the pandemic period and continued with the Ukrainian war and took place in the shadow of the global food and energy crisis, is being followed with interest by the world countries. The focus of this interest is that Russia controls a significant part of the vital natural gas and food needed by European countries. The more protectionist and threatening policies of the Russians in the protracted Ukrainian war undoubtedly threaten European countries the most.

Again, the fact that this meeting is being held at a time when the U.S. is trying to separate Russia from China within the framework of its policy of isolating Russia, especially in economic and political terms, has increased its importance a little more. While America’s policy so far has weakened the Russians militarily, politically and economically, it has been to prevent China from acting comfortably in its relations with Russia. Of course, it is unlikely that this will continue with the same motivation in the long run. If China cannot be occupied with different political games.

In fact, the main point that needs to be addressed for this summit is the stance of the rulers whose people are Muslims, and their lack of identity… On the one hand China, who has been carrying out tortures, genocides, isolations and massacres undreamt of. Not being content with these, it does not refrain from trampling on the beliefs, values and sacraments of Muslims, and infringes on their honor and dignity through the meanest methods.

Again, being able to strike sincere poses with Russian rulers who, together with the oppressor Assad, has been slaughtering millions of Muslims in Syria and causing them to be refugees for nearly 10 years. Everybody heard about the oppressions of the Uzbek and Kazakh rulers, which they have deemed proper for the people. It is not an honor but a shame to come together with the leaders of these cruel, kafir and terror states and to strike sincere poses with them. Moreover, Muslims must be on guard against the perception operations of the palace clowns, who tout for political geniusness from this political shame.

Although it is a fact that every sane person sees that the organizations, pacts and establishments lead and established by the western infidels in both the east and west, are only tools that serve the interests of the infidels, it is only a lack of foresight to take part in these organizations and to strive to be involved. The question that every Muslim should ask them now is this. Isn’t it enough that you have lend support to the kuffar? Isn’t it enough that you have become partners with them in their oppressions and massacres?

In truth, the things that Muslims will be happy about are the poses that the rulers will strike on the side of the oppressed and against the oppressors. The rulers who will mobilize all the armies against the kuffar for a drop of blood of their Muslim brothers and sisters. It is not to pollute the hands of the Chinese oppressor with their dirty money while East Turkestan and similar lands are crying out for help. It is treating Putin, who has the blood of millions of Muslims on his hands, as enemy for the sake of Allah. It is not doing things on behalf of the U.S. and Europe. It is turning your back to all of them and being on the side of Muslims. This is the politics with whom you could be proud of and with whom you will find your value.

Caliphs, who see this courage, opportunity as a matter of faith, who make only fear unique to Allah swt, and who donate his property to Allah’s Deen, will do it. Our prayer to our Lord is that he bring those days, those men near to us.

Ahmet SAPA