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Denmark Blindly Follows America Regarding Bashar Al Assad

A few days ago, the Danish news station TV2 made an exclusive interview with Bashar Al Assad.

The Danish news station TV2 was the first western media to get a permanent media office in Damascus after the revolution began. This was an indication of just how satisfied the tyrant Syrian regime is with its general coverage, and this interview was no exception. Even though staged and played out as a softball “critical interview” constantly referring to Assad as “the Syrian President”, it still stressed a few things which could be read between the lines.

Bashar knows his allies. It is true when he said that Denmark “do not dare to take independent paths in politics”, but have followed USA since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Even though pretending to criticize European nations for being absent from the political scene, Assad is probably happy only to have US a major player in Syria, since they have common goals.

When questioned about attacks and bombardments of civilians and hospitals, Assad calmly denied and said they only attacked terrorists and everything else is propaganda. Assad knows, that at this point in time he can get away with his atrocities, so he is calm. Many “red-lines” have been crossed, and still the “coalition” only attacks the opposition.

Assad is quite confident, that if he just does what the Americans tell him to, they will also provide for him a way out. At the moment, the tyrant regime, Russia, US and all its allies, according to US plans, are trying to force the opposition to the negotiation table, probably with a demand for a transitional government led by Assad himself.

All these staged and well played out interviews, pretended animosity and proclaimed fight against “terrorism”, which is shared by Assad, the US and all its allies would work perfectly well if it was not for the sincerity of the people of Syria and the help of Allah swt.

Assad put his trust in the US, but should truly be worried, because the people of Syria are putting their trust in Allah. The failed siege of Aleppo, and the rejection of more foreign intervention are clearly good signs. The fight for Syria is not only a fight for land. It is a fight of ideologies, both material and intellectual. They plot and they plan, and Allah is the best of Planners. By the steadfastness of the people of Syria and the will of Allah, we might once again see Ash Sham as the abode of Islam.


Junes Kock

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia