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Democratic Politician’s Objectives is to Enrich Himself / Herself Not Serving People

There is an ongoing discussion across the country concerning a big difference between politicians and other public servant’s salary scales. While politicians get paid high salaries and other lucrative benefits, workers are sacrificed by taking home a hand to mouth salaries with maximum tax deductions. (BBC Swahili 17/07/2020).

This scenario cements the truth that democratic capitalistic leaders are for their own interests and not interests of the people who elected them.

A Member of Parliament in Tanzania is paid Tsh 3.8 million salary and Tsh 8 million monthly allowance which makes a total of Tsh 11.8 million (roughly US $5,130), Tsh 240,000 sitting allowance and Tsh 120,000 per day, Tsh 240 million after five years of service and first-class health insurance for his family and other benefits.

On the other hand, a bachelor degree holder civil servant may receive a monthly salary up to Tsh 733,000 (US $ 318) according to government scale (TGST D1). That means that annual salary of degree holder is less than monthly salary and allowances of Member of Parliament. Obviously, this is the reason behind of ‘brain draining’ from ordinary civil servant’s job to a political career in seeking ‘a green pasture’.

If these politicians were for the people as they claim, they could not have agreed with this wide gap between them and their people which make them to live a luxurious life, while the majority suffer, do not even know how they can manage to have a single meal.

Furthermore, apart from being a hand to mouth salary, a worker’s salary is accompanied with exploitative tax deductions including income tax, social security, trade union, higher education loan, health insurance, etc. all of which may make up to 30% of salary. While politician salaries are not subjected to any deductions, taking members of parliament as an example.

This is an open reality of democracy, democratic leaders, and Capitalism as a whole, political leaders do not care about affairs of the people, they just use them to enrich themselves and to please their Western colonial masters.

The main source of this exploitation whether in Tanzania, Africa and worldwide generally is the denial of the Creator’s laws and instead a limited mind creation are given the right to make laws for others. Being selfish in nature, using their own minds and whims, human being will always make laws in their favor, family and friends.  Above all humans are not expected to make a law that will be just and serve humanity in fairness.

In Islam under its Khilafah (Caliphate) state all who hold political positions (who are few) are not in the system to enrich themselves but to serve people, would be given reasonable pay to meet their requirements.

Regarding issues of employment, wages and salaries are negotiable according to value of work done. The contract of work is between the employer and the employee, no trade union deductions, no income tax, no health insurance since the government (Khilafah) will ensure best health services for free or with very little affordable costs.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Said Bitomwa
Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania