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Democracy: The God that Failed!

America is at a cross-road as the legal teams of Trump and Biden square it out in court in relation to elections fraud. On the other hand, their respective campaigns and pro-media are engaging on protracted propaganda wars to discredit each other. Their supporters are discontented and protesting for their victory.


America the so-called beacon and bastion of democracy is waning out very fast. Now the US can be found on the list of shame out rightly both domestically and internationally. The super power militarily and economical has failed miserable to prop up itself and address its internal chaos. Instead, it has tackled chaos with more bedlam!

Locally, the two events that stand out are the ravaging of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and rising of racism! America’s response was reminiscent to that of ‘third world countries.’ America engaged on a go-slow approach as it explored the economic ramification in relation to the virus. It chose to cushion itself from the sudden economic stagnation and threw out the sanctity of life via the window!

Typically, America confirmed its cardinal principle that only the economy is sacrosanct and everything else is nothing but a periphery. The outcome of the pandemic is catastrophic. Currently America is leading at No.1 globally with reported 10,873,936 infected cases and 248,585 deaths (Worldometer, 13/11/2020). Furthermore, its health infrastructure is stretched beyond its limit and nearing total collapse. Surprisingly, following America closely are India and Brazil at No.2 and 3 respectively. The two countries are considered ‘third world countries’ from Asia and South American continents respectively.

To make matters worse, on 25 May 2020 a black American, George Floyd, was outrageously killed by white American police officers. The massacre threw off the lid covering the deeper simmering social, economic and political tensions permeating America’s backbone. The streets of America were filled with unrelenting protests that demanded the end of racial discrimination and police brutality. Moreover, the protests led to destruction of statues and triggered conversations on slavery reparations! The American regime response to the mayhem was disastrous and utter humiliation. The security apparatus used fire to quell fire! America the global security provider and ever finger pointing others to provide avenues for peaceful demonstrations. But, there it was oppressing its own citizens for doing what?!

Internationally, American foreign policy is in total disarray. Iraq’s invasion to deliver democracy, ended up in total mess to-date. Afghanistan intervention keeps sinking American dollars and sacrificing military personnel with nothing to show up in return. Libyan and Syrian projects are still wreaking destruction to-date. Its immeasurable failures can no longer be covered. America’s hands are dipping in blood from Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan to Somalia just to mention a few. America’s hideous policies are nothing but a manifestation of its imminent collapse. Currently America’s sole focus is to delay its downfall. The end of America is the expiration of democracy. The world is aware that America is sick.

The latest protracted legal battles that are unfolding are just part of a bigger scheme to resuscitate the American authority. Alas! The camel’s back is broken and cannot be restored. Indeed, democracy: the god that failed can no longer withstand the patchwork anymore! What next? Global leaders are in frenzy to legitimize the Biden presidency and in turn legitimize their dying god, democracy at the global arena. Sending their laudatory messages to president-elect Biden in order to hoodwink the world that indeed everything is OK. The contrary is true, i.e. the situation is dire.

The outcome of the ongoing legal battle and the ensuing winner of the elections is nothing to be happy about. Since both Biden and Trump are two different sides of the same evil coin.  Nothing good is expected from an evil and invalid secular democratic process. The global catastrophes will continue unabated. Especially, Islam and Muslims sufferings will upsurge under the reinvention of the fighting against the war on terrorism and extremism.  In other words, anyone who hates secular values and insists on total adherence to Islam and its protection; and strives to seek an alternative to the secular capitalist ideology, automatically gets branded as a terrorist and an extremist. In addition, to anyone who seeks to protect the honor of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

It is imperative to all those who are intellectually awake to follow keenly what is happening in America. Consequently, engage in a concerted and an ideological work that is spearheaded to not only liberate Islam and Muslims from the machinations of secular capitalist ideology and its proponents. But, aim to unshackle humanity across the world from the botched secular democratic project that has caused people incalculable havoc!


Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir