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Democracy a System of Double Standard and Contradiction

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has openly advising one of his ministers to smoke marijuana, if that is what is required to be able to confront ‘lazy’ contractors dragging government projects.


The president made such remarks recently during launching a project in Njombe Region – Southern Tanzania where he advised Water and Irrigation Minister Makame Mbarawa to puff the weeds which will make him harsh, bold and intolerant to confront laxity of contractors.

“I am urging the minister and other officials to be very strict. If you can, smoke the bhang from Njombe so that you become bold, do it. But smoke it in private so that citizens do not follow suit. That way, when you go to inspect projects, the engineers and the contractors will do a thorough job,”

The President’s encouragement on puffing the weeds resembles similar statements made by other members of Parliament in House of Legislature.  In 2013 Ally Kessy (CCM – Nkasi Kaskazini MP) raised the subject in Parliament urging the government to mobilize farmers for bhangi cultivation as tobacco, since both ‘crops’ are ‘productive’. Also in 2013 Joseph Msukuma (CCM – Geita MP)  raised the similar subject urging official legalization of marijuana, stressing that,  there are many MP’s who smoked it, yet they are efficient in their daily responsibilities.

Democracy in essence is obnoxious, shameless and contradicting system where its adherents dare to act, say and contradict anything while disregard its impact. This statement was made in public rally at live state TV, it is obvious had brought massive impact by encouraging many especially youths in engaging in drug indulgence. Not to mention to contradicting itself, where in one way is being shown to combat drug consumption, while in other side it encourages them.

The issue also indicates that in democracy inspite of made man laws being taken as model and solution in legal aspect, yet its adherents neither respect nor convincing with them. Consumption of bhangi is a criminal offence in Tanzania, how comes then, is being encouraged in public.

Double standards and lack of firm institution in accounting ruler is vividly exposed, while ordinary people are being pursued daily by state apparatus in the name of government defamation, there is no accountability on this remarks that has massive impacts to public in general.

Islam unlike democracy, it has firm, unchanged laws that everyone obliged to abide by, irrespective of ranks, status etc. Should anyone say or act in contrary with, he/she should be accounted accordingly.

Regarding all in position in state affairs, Islamic state of Khilafah set up special Court of Injustices (Mahkamat Madhalim), its sole function is only to monitor their statements, actions and that they are not abusing power.


Masoud Msellem

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania