Delegation from Hizb ut Tahrir Ukraine Delivers Open Letter to Pakistan Embassy in Kiev

On 17th June 2013, a delegation from Hizb ut Tahrir in Ukraine visited the Pakistan Embassy in Kiev and handed over them an open letter entitled: “The year-long abduction of Naveed Butt will neither delay nor prevent your end at the hands of a Khaleefah Rashid”. The delegation who visited the embassy were three members from Tahrir Tahrir: Omziv Fadhil (Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Ukraine), Liev Battaal (party member) and Abdus-Salam Salmatov (party member).

The Tahrir’s delegation did not find the ambassador in his office, therefore the representative of the diplomatic mission met them on behalf of the ambassador. During the discussion, which was in English at the request of the representative of the Embassy, the delegation explained the criminal activity of General Kayani and his service to American interests for which he ordered harassment, kidnapping and torture of the Dawah carriers from the members of Hizb ut Tahrir and in particular the spokesman for the Tahrir in Pakistan, Naveed Butt, who was kidnapped a year ago on May 11, 2012, in front of his children.

The delegation pointed to the futility of such cowardly and desperate attempts to weaken the call for the establishment of the Khilafah, for these criminal practices will only enhance the desire of the Ummah to rule of Allah سبحانه وتعالى.

Moreover, the delegation warned the embassy staff that they are here in Ukraine to represent the people of Pakistan and not the cowardly criminal regime led by General Kayani, who looks at the people as if they are the main threat to himself and his American masters.

In response to a question; do you know anything about the Hizb ut Tahrir; the representative of the diplomatic mission said that he knows about the Tahrir through the newspapers. And regarding his stance towards what he heard about, he said that only the Pakistani ambassador in Ukraine can express his position about that.

And then the delegation handed over the open letter in four languages: the Arabic, Urdu, English and Russian.

Finally the representative promised the delegation to give the letter to the Pakistani Ambassador in Ukraine, also he promised to personally relay all that he heard.

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The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Ukraine

Tuesday, 9th Shaban 1434 AH

18/06/2013 CE

N0: 4/1434H