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Days after their Oath on the Qur’an Members of the Government Wage War on Islam by Changing the Provisions of Allah!

Despite the overwhelming public rejection to the contents of the report of the Committee of Individual Liberties and Equality, the Ministerial Council approved at the request of Baji Qaid Es-Sibsi on the draft Basic Law on the equality of inheritance between women and men, and all its appendices and annexes which it seeks to pass within it laws such as the permissibility of homosexuality and the non-Muslim inheritance of Muslims…

Although we are aware that all systems of life and society in Tunisia, except the system of inheritance, are systems that wage war on Allah and His Messenger, and that the passing of this law at this particular time, fall within the framework of the regime’s policies aimed at dispersing the revolutionary forces in the hearts of people and the proliferation of maneuvers and political realities through Media bombardment directed by the intelligence services…

We affirm that the insistence of the regime to pass this law is another proof that the people of governance in Tunisia are only slaves in the service of their masters – the rulers of the crusader West, and that this political submission exercised by the political class that prepares the governance scene in Tunisia, will make them accept the expansion of the partnership agreement with the European Union (ALECA), and neglect the public institutions under the name of major reforms, as well as the battering of agriculture and industry, continuation of wealth looting, manipulation and starvation of people, and the promotion of homosexuality and drug abuse… in order to tame the rebellious minds, with the aim of creating a nation with lost identity and repudiate to its creed.

O Muslims in Tunisia:

We live in a sovereign country controlled by IMF and EU staff, where intelligence and hidden room intrigues flourish, and the only concern for the colonialist servants is to continue to rule through offering loyalty and obedience to the crusader Kafir West. Therefore, nothing will prevent them from continuing this destructive policy, except if you stand with yourselves, your children and your people against those who destroy your livelihood and violate your honor and change your Deen…

So be on the side of your sincere and serious people and turn away from the hypocrites, opportunists and traitors so that Allah makes a way out for us with a State that will bring glory to Islam and Muslims, and humiliate Kufr and its followers.

Finally, we in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Tunisia, as we had previously declared our innocence from their constitution and system since they turned against the people’s revolution, we declare our innocence and the innocence of all the Muslims in the world and in Tunisia from this apostasy in the Book of Allah and His Laws, and proclaim loudly: Oh Allah, this is a Munkar (evil-doing) which we do not accept and will never accept.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Tunisia

Wednesday, 20th Rabii’ I 1440 AH

28/11/2018 CE

Issue No.: 1440 / 06