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Da’wah carriers arrested & tortured by Palestinian Authority

The following is a summary of the main points mentioned in a release by Hizb ut-Tahrir Palestine issued on 04/12/07.

Shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir arrested and tortured by the suppressing Palestinian authority because of promoting the Shari'ah viewpoint concerning the Annapolis summit

Hizb ut-Tahrir Palestine organized five peaceful marches in the West Bank and one in Gaza on 27/11/2007 under the banner “Palestine will be liberated by the march of the armies not by the crawling of the negotiators” to show the dangers of the Annapolis summit and to warn the Muslims of the dangers of the Annapolis summit and directing the call from the surroundings of the Bayt Al Maqdis to the Muslim Ummah and the Muslim army to initiate the move to liberate Palestine. The security agencies of the Palestinian authority in the West Bank strove to repress these peaceful marches by firing live bullets, inflicting severe beatings and using tear gas – resulting in hundreds of wounded, many arrests, including arrests of the wounded. The Shabab of the Hizb distributed leaflets concerning these events and the conference Annapolis for which they had organised the rally’s to condemn the conference and to show its imminent dangers to the Ummah.

The total number of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Shabab arrested by the security services was over 500. They were released after their detention periods but the authority returned later and arrested ten other young people, most of whom were arrested last Friday, and some of them were subjected to torture, simply because they believe in Allah (swt), undertook what is mandated by Islam of exposing the plans of the colonialist disbelievers, as well as the crime of the Palestinian Authority, expressed their opinion according to the Islamic rules in a peaceful manner. The campaign is still ongoing, the arrests and summons have not stopped.

This list of detainees at the time of this statement and some of what they were subjected during the arrest:

1 – Muadh Muhammad Qasim (38 years) from Tulkarm, a construction contractor, married with five children. He was arrested from the door of the Court as he was waiting his presenfor his brothers presentation in the court, a patient of high blood pressure. After interrogation he was transferred to a detention room and there his health worsened which required him to go to hospital.

2 – Mahmoud Jameel Ghabsh (42 years) from Tulkarm, working as a sewing operator, is married, was arrested from his home and beaten.

3 – Muhammad As'ad Abdul Fattah (43 years), from Tulkarm, married, 4 children, farmer. Arrested during the distribution of the leaflet referred to. Was severely beaten, the effects of which have left bruises on his body and his eye , the lawyer mentioned this and requested him to avail medical facilities.

4 – Khalid Mohammed Khalid (43 years), from Tulkarem, Imam of a mosque, married with five children, was summoned to the criminal investigation, and then forwarded to the police.

5 – Mohammed Aqel (26 years old), from Jenin, married with two children working in sales.

6 – Samer Al-Bahlul (42 years old) from Nablus, marketing executive, is married and has 5 children, was arrested from his home on Friday, 30/11

7 – Firas Al-Khayyat (30 years old) from Nablus, an agricultural engineer working in the municipal slaughterhouse Married and has a daughter .Arrested from the mosque during the distribution of the bulletin on Friday 30/11/07.

8 – Firas Al-Abuh (26 years old), from Nablus, architect works in the a engineering compaany. Married with a daughter, was arrested from the mosque during the distribution of the leaflet on Friday 30/11/07.

9 – Dhirar Al-Samadi (24 years), from Nablus, teacher and Masters student, unmarried, was arrested from his home on Friday 30/11. They confiscated his computer.

10 – Adeeb Naufal (40 years) from Hebron District, teacher, married with two children, was summoned for an interview today, Tuesday, 4/12, remains in detention.