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Danish Government’s Main Party Calls for Battle against Hijab

In an opinion piece in Berlingske, 12/01/2017, the ruling Liberal Party’s integration spokesperson, Marcus Knuth, wrote that he can no longer stay silent, seeing that more and more girls from Muslim backgrounds wear a headscarf in Danish schools. He said, “The headscarf represents one of the darkest and most oppressive parts of Islam.”

The spokesperson went on to incite the schools to follow in the tracks of the adult education center in Lyngby by banning scarf-clad students from access to education. The center’s ban was originally endorsed by the Ministry of Education, which stated that educational institutions can prohibit students from wearing the burqa, niqab and similar enveloping garment in classes or tests under existing law.

The government’s main party now wants to extend the ban to other educational institutions, without the need for new legislation, by displaying the headscarf as a symbol of oppression.

The liberal integration spokesperson said: “Public schools should do much more to counter scarves worn by young girls. I believe that a Danish primary school should be a haven that reflects the free and open society that we have in Denmark.

This struggle against the headscarf emphasizes once again that integration policies are really about forcefully assimilating Muslims. When the aforementioned spokesperson, at the same time, described it as a problem that “Islam dominates the life of [Muslim girls]”, there is no doubt that this is a struggle against Islam itself.

In the wake of the Danish politicians’ historic undermining of their own secular ideals of freedom with the “Imam Bill”, they now take yet another desperate step in the attempt to impose these false freedoms on the Muslims.

Bans and coercion has become the standard for those politicians, who are fumbling in the face of a reality, where Muslims, in spite of decades of integration efforts, are sticking to the Islamic values, and thousands of Danish people have embraced Islam, despite the continuous stream of hateful propaganda.

Values ​​are adopted through conviction – not bans and coercion or ultimatums from politicians, who have made a virtue of value-hypocrisy. Not only are we convinced of the Islamic values ​​- we are confident that Muslims will continue to safeguard the Islamic identity and way of life. In this context, we urge Muslims to engage in society and the public debate with a steadfastness in Islam and strong arguments, while rejecting the policy of forced assimilation, also known as “integration”.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

Monday, 18th Rabii’ II 1438 AH

16/01/2017 CE

No.: 01/1438