Analysis, South Asia

Corruption is the Foundation of Democracy

“Provincial minister and senior Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Aleem Khan was taken into custody by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials in Lahore on Wednesday. As per a press release issued by NAB Lahore, Khan was arrested for owning assets beyond his known sources of income. Khan faces multiple inquiries, including one involving offshore company Hexam Investment Overseas Ltd, one for owning assets beyond his known sources of income, and inquiries into his involvement in the Park View Housing Society, River Age Housing Society, and Multan Road.” (Dawn newspaper, 6 Feb 19)


This is not the first time that we find a people in power involved in corruption. There is a huge list of people who are involved in corruption and only handful are being exposed due to their own mistakes and not by the system. If we ponder around majority of elites from Zardari’s to Nawaz’s from Tareen’s to Aleem’s, they are involved in corruption. Even the people uttering the slogan of Change, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led government came in power on a strong anti-corruption rhetoric but it has formed her government with the help of Corrupt elites.

It is not because some of these elites are corrupt, rather, corruption prospers wherever there is Democracy. People in the West also don’t trust their ruling elites. As long as this democracy remains, corruption will remain because of this man -made Capitalist System which gives man the power to make rules that pave the way for corruption, and the power of legislation provokes the greed within the people of power. Not only does this system paves the way for corruption, but it also gives such elites protection as well, as this system gives rights to a group of people to make favorable legislation to seek their personal interests over the rest.

In the Khilafah, the Khaleefah or any other person is not permitted to make laws and the Shariah has already determined ways for the State to collect and spend the resources. By this, people in power cannot find ways for corruption as ruler’s in Islam are not permitted to legislate; rather, rulers can only implement the laws which are derived and determined by Quran and Sunnah. In the Khilafah, it is compulsory that the wealth of the ruler is determined before he assumes power and when he leaves power. Any abnormal increase in the wealth of the ruler is confiscated and admitted to the Bayt al Maal (State Treasury). So it is only the Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood which will end the perilous-ness of corruption from Pakistan and the Muslim World. We all must work to re-establish Khilafah to please Allah (swt) and that only can bring an end corruption from the Muslim world.


Mohammad Adel