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Corrupt Authority Corrupts and Pushes People to Risk their Lives

Video clips spread of many survivors of the sinking of the Tripoli boat yesterday evening, in which they recount how the coast guard of the Lebanese army sank the boat after deliberately colliding with it twice, splitting it in half and drowning all its passengers except for those who could swim, and they were few.

The urgent action in such cases and the presence of such suspicions requires the opening of a technical investigation that shows the condition of the boat and the weather at the time and all the circumstances, not just a passing statement, and then holding those responsible for the accident, if any, to be held accountable.

We warn against falsifying the truth, and we ask: Why did the authority not prevent the boat from taking off, given that dozens of families were on board, and it set out openly from Qalamoun?!

If the security services are aware, then this is a calamity, and if they do not know, then the calamity is even greater.

People fleeing the hell of life in Lebanon is caused by the corruption of the authority and the lack of food and medicine, and every person in this corrupt authority is responsible. The city’s representatives and ministers, especially the Prime Minister of Tripoli, one of the country’s richest people, are all responsible for this massacre against the poor of Tripoli.

We call upon the Mufti, Islamic movements, parties and bodies to take bold stances to prevent falsification of the truth of what happened, and to be commensurate with the blood of the people of Tripoli, instead of playing games with elections that recycle the corrupt authority that led people to risk themselves, their women and their children, and flee from this miserable situation.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Lebanon

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23 Ramadan 1443  – Sunday, 24th April 2022
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