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Central Asia Refuses the so-called “Victory Day”

Uzbekistan does not plan to hold military parades on May 9 this year, – stated the deputy head of the main department for educational and ideological work of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan Oybek Mamadaliyev. As Mamadaliyev noted, May 9 in Uzbekistan is not “Victory Day”, but “Day of Memory and Honor”. Mamadaliev also stressed that only events dedicated to honoring and respecting the elderly will be held that day, Radio Ozodlik writes.

It is noteworthy that the so-called “Victory parades” were not held in Uzbekistan either last year or the year before under the pretext of a pandemic.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan also announced earlier that they would not hold a traditional military parade on May 9 next month. The department explained the decision not to hold a military parade by saving budget funds.

Kyrgyzstan also announced its refusal to hold a military parade on May 9 this year. The authorities of the country reported that on this day a meeting-requiem will be held and a procession of the “Immortal Regiment” will take place.

Thus, despite the colonial dependence of the countries of the region on Russia, the regimes in these countries are quite seriously beginning to prepare for various scenarios of the development of events, allowing for the imminent fall of Russia as a regional power.

Recall that the traditional May 9 parade is used today by Moscow as an ideological and political symbol of the former greatness of Soviet Russia; on this day the Kremlin arranges a demonstration of its weapons, forcing its colonies in Central Asia to also hold a parade, emphasizing their status.

Mohammad Mansour