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Nomination of Women for a State is a Violation to the Rules of Islam

Three feminist groups handed over, the Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk, a list of their female candidates in state governorships according to the criteria of the governor’s job description and that they are struggling in order to make the value of justice that he cheered in all processions become a living reality. The committee’s statement […]

Scandinavian Politicians Use the International Women’s Day to Attack Islam

On the 8th of March, at the anniversary of the International Women’s day, an attack was launched by the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, on her Facebook page on Muslims, claiming that “social control of immigrant women has to be resisted by all. A country cannot have the belief that all values and traditions are […]

Muslim Women Do Not Need Annual Commemorations of Global Failure in Solving Women’s problems.

 We Need the Khilafah that Will be Our Guardian and Shield International Women’s Day (IWD), on the 8th of March, was marked with the familiar annual celebrations, rallies and protests in countries across the world, including the Muslim lands to recognize the achievements made by women globally, as well as to call for action to […]

Intellectual Slaves of the West Want to Impose Corrupt Liberal Values on a Muslim Society, through the “Woman’s March”

With the covert and overt support of the state, a small group of the West’s intellectual agents used the 8 March “Woman’s March” as an excuse to bombard Pakistan with filthy liberal thoughts. However, despite the full support of a pro-Western section of the media, the Muslims of Pakistan roundly rejected the corrupt campaign. Our […]

The Future that the UN Wants for the Muslim Family

No One Gives What They Don’t Have The Ministry of Women, Family, and Childhood announced during a working session on 3rd March 2020 that it is preparing for the World Family Summit, which will be held in Tunisia on May 13-15 as part of celebrating the International Day of Families in partnership and cooperation with […]

The Dance Festival in Khartoum is One of the Activities that Detach Women from Belief and the Values of Virtue

The first open public ceremony was held at the Spark City Hall in Khartoum, under the title “Women’s Festival of Bridal Dance”, which is the first ceremony of its kind in Khartoum. A number of beauty and fashion houses sponsored the ceremony … It will showcase bridal fashion, and traditional and innovative forms of bridal […]

Without Islamic Values, the Older Generation are no more than Useless Products to be Thrown Away

On the 22 of January 2020, the BBC reported on an anthropological study of how old people are treated in different countries. The practice of killing the elderly in an area known as Aché in Paraguay, South America and other regions of the globe were exposed. Designated persons who have this as their role in […]

Q&A: Ruling on a Father Marrying his Daughter Off Against her Will

Question:                                   I have a question and I hope that my question will be answered quickly. Is it permissible for a marriage to take place and the girl does not consent of the husband? What is the way to solve the problem if the marriage was contracted but the marriage has not yet been consummated? Not […]

Rejecting a Hijab Review, is Proof that Muslim Rights cannot be Guaranteed by the Secular Constitution

The Supreme Court has dismissed the application to review the Hijab case which was filed to quash a directive from St Paul Kiwanjani School to ban Muslim students from wearing the Hijab. The ruling has upheld the initial ruling made in January last year which set aside the court of appeal verdict which had sanctioned […]

Be Like the Mother of Muhammad Al-Fatih and prepare a Hero to be the Conqueror of Rome

On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr, he said: While we are around the Messenger of Allah ﷺ writing, the Messenger of Allah was asked: Which of the cities will be opened first: Constantinople or Rome? Then the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: «مَدِينَةُ هِرَقْلَ تُفْتَحُ أَوَّلاً، يَعْنِي قُسْطَنْطِينِيَّةَ» “The city of Heraclius will be […]

The Danish PM’s Grotesque New Year’s Speech Exhibits Both Inability and Despise of the Muslims

The New Year’s speech of the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, has sparked a lot of debate among analysts, debaters and professionals as she noted that it is now time to “put the delicacy away” and “enter into character as a society“, concluding that “more vulnerable children should get a new home earlier than […]

Let the Ummah Stand Up to these Malicious Institutions and Thwart their Plans

A group of entities and bodies intends to conduct a procession at noon today, Thursday 02/01/2020, to demand the signing of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and said that the procession will meet the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to deliver the memo, and announced […]

Kenya is Targeted by CEDAW with No Intentions of Helping Muslim Women

On the 10th of December 2019, the Kenyan newspaper, The Star, discussed CEDAW (The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women) in relation to Kenya being recently highlighted for falling short of its goals for women’s grand adherence to the protocols of liberal democracy and the United Nations agendas. The author, […]

CEDAW and the UN have No Authority to Manage Women’s Rights in the Muslim Regions

Akipress covered a news topic relating to CEDAW policies on women and its lack of implementation in Kazakhstan. Human Rights Watch has expressed concern over the failure of the Government to tackle Domestic violence and equality for disabled women. It cited that currently the laws relating to criminalization and punishment of offenders if inadequate and […]

The Basic Law No. 58 of 2017 entitled “Eliminating Violence against Women” Is a Tool used to Demolish the Muslim Family

These days our country is witnessing the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which was launched since November 25, 2019, and it is involved in an annual global campaign for 16 days that will last until December 10, which is Human Rights Day.

Protecting Women’s Rights with CEDAW: “Cure me with what caused my illness!”

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa issued a statement expressing its great relief that the Sudan Public Order Law has been annulled, and calling for the abolition of all articles that discriminate against women from the criminal law and other laws established with the ideologies of terrorism that have wronged women. […]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is Accelerating the Implementation of the Enemies of Islam’s Programs to Corrupt Women and Dismantle the Family

By Applying the CEDAW Convention and Amending the Personal Status Law The Council of Ministers of the Palestinian Authority (PA) decided in its session on Monday, 21/10/2019, to assign the President of the Palestinian Authority to amend Article 5 of the Personal Status Law on the age of marriage to become 18 solar years for […]

Q&A: It is not Permissible for a Woman to become a Marriage Official (Ma’zoun) Conducting Marriage Contracts

Question: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh, My honourable brother please accept my kind greetings: Two female Shar’i Marriage officials (Ma’zoun) were appointed in Al-Khalil city and were given the authority to conduct marriage contracts. My question to you, my honourable brother: is it permissible for a woman to give another woman in marriage, and […]

The Silence before the Reproached Action is one of the Provisions of the Humiliated State of Muslims!

On October 7, Radio Liberty published the news that: “Every morning, schoolchildren on duty meet schoolgirls at the gates of schools in the Tashkent region and demand that they remove their headscarves before entering the school building. School administrations declare that in this way they fulfill the Cabinet’s decree on a school uniform.