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Assistant President, Your Adherence to the Banner of Falsehood is the Reason for the Economic Insolvency and not the Adherence to the Banner of La Illaha Illa Allah!!

In a statement that resembles him and his regime, the Assistant to the President Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamed, stated that the adherence to the banner of La Illaha Illa Allah was the reason for the economic insolvency, which the country is experiencing these days!!

Pakistan’s Currency will never be strengthened whether we trade in Dollars or Yuan except by adopting Gold and Silver Currency mandated by Sharia

On Dec 19, 2017, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said that the government was considering a Chinese proposal to use renminbi (RMB or yuan) instead of the US dollar for payments in all bilateral trade between China and Pakistan. And so the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday, 1st January 2018, made […]

Q&A: Does Riba Only Takes Place in the Six Categories?

Question: Assalamu Alaikum, A question received from one of the brothers named Mohsen al-Jadabi – Sana’a. The Prophet ﷺ said: «أي قرض جر منفعة فهو ربا» “Every loan which entails a benefit is usury”. The Ahadith defined that Riba takes place in gold and silver and some varieties (dates, raisins, wheat and barley). So, does […]

Saida Garrach, Advisor to Beji Caid Essebsi, Justifies the Insult of Tunisian Women by Rulers of Emirates, the Servants of the English

The adviser of President Beji Caid Essebsi, Saida Garrach, is not parted from claiming to advocate women and their issues, and she continues to lead the fierce media campaigns to promote the marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslims and pushes towards an illusionary equality in inheritance (contrary to the explicit Quran). Everyone has seen her […]

Politics will be the Game of the Rich till the Re-establishment of the Righteous Khilafah

On 19th December, 2017, during delivering a lecture at Nurjahan Murshid and Professor Khan Sarwar Murshid Trust Fund at Dhaka, eminent economist and chairman of the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), and an independent thinktank, Rehman Sobhan, said that politics (in Bangladesh) has now turned out to be an extended part of business, and money […]

Bitcoin: The Mother of all Bubbles

Bloomberg reported a remarkably conservative headline today, 13th December, 2017: “Bitcoin’s 8.7% Decline Pales in Comparison to Record Run” and noted that now bitcoin was moving “closer to the mainstream through the introduction of futures.” From the same day, other headlines focused on either the risks of bitcoin: “Bitcoin Is History’s Biggest Bubble, Turkey’s Simsek […]

Addressing Economic Problems Requires Thinking Outside the Box of Capitalism and Turning to the Great Ideology of Islam

In his speech to the Parliament on Wednesday, 25/10/2017, the First Vice President of the Republic, Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh, acknowledged the government’s failure to address the economic crisis and called for a new school. He said: ” Despite the jurisprudence of the former schools of economy management,  is still economic depression, so the […]

Hunger in the UK

One in ten London families are relying on charity handouts to eat and food banks are facing unprecedented strain in the run-up to Christmas, new figures reveal. One in four London parents worry about being able to afford to feed their children, the research found, while almost one in five have to choose between heating their […]

Who owns oil?

Through the controlled flotation mechanism launched by Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, the prices of petrol and diesel have been raised at a fairly high rate within these couple of weeks. Expectedly, every time there is increase in oil prices there will be much reaction from the public. Despite these reactions, Malaysian […]

“Freedom” gone crazy

A few months ago, the municipality of Amsterdam announced that it will implement a gender-neutral communication policy, swapping ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in speeches and ‘dear sir/madam’ in letters to ‘best attendees’, or ‘dear resident’. The London underground also recently changed ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to ‘hello everyone’ in its announcements. The reason for this change is so […]

The ‘Truth’ about Channel 4’s Sham “The Truth About Muslim Marriage” Documentary

On the 21st November, the UK’s Channel 4 aired a documentary entitled, “The Truth About Muslim Marriage” in which it sought to undermine the Islamic Nikah contract by arguing that it does not protect the rights of Muslim women in marriage and that Muslims should be obliged to have a civil marriage recognized under British […]

Political Forum of Women’s Section of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Tunisia: “Women’s struggle between Islam and the Manmade Systems”

The forum’s political and cultural context: We held this forum in the midst of a thick fog of deceit and deception aimed at the Ummah in general and her women in particular, amid glamorous and deceptive slogans (such as gender equality and the principle of equality in political positions) and amid broad liberal capitalist propaganda […]

Democracy Can Never Eradicate Political Corruption in Pakistan

Under Democracy, government institutions are hotbeds of corruption in Pakistan. According to the 2017 Transparency International report, Pakistan is the 116th most corrupt country out of 176 countries. According to the 23 May 2017 report of Khabrian Newspaper, members of the national and provincial assemblies, ministers and advisors from Sindh, including more than 100 bureaucrats […]

Secular Civil Marriages Performed by Muftis is the Same as Secular Governance Performed by Muslim Rulers

This week Turkey’s parliament approved a law to allow state-registered muftis – officials employed by the state’s Religious Affairs Directorate – to perform civil marriages that were previously administered only by municipal officials. Opposition parties, secular Kemalist women’s rights groups regard this as another blow to secularism and women’s rights under the so-called Islamist AKP. […]

The Transition

Download the book The Transition Introductory Remarks In his tract on monetary reform, John Maynard Keynes referred to gold as a barbarous relic, whose rigidity had fettered the world from economic freedom and prosperity. He spoke at a time when the Occident were suffering from macroeconomic anaemia and were yearning for a solution. In sheer […]

Burka Ban is an Attack on Muslim Identity

The politicians have barely had time to take a breath after talking about further tightening of the Private School Law with the declared aim of “tightening the grip on Muslim private schools”, and now they have decided to ban the Muslim face-veil, while deceitfully presenting this ban as an extension of the existing law against […]