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The Khilafah will Secure People of the World from Nuclear Destruction

Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan has issued a Publicized Policy Position (PPP) regarding the subject of nuclear weapons, their proliferation and global disarmament.

Weapons technology has reached the stage where there are weapons of such power that do not merely subdue the army of a nation, but are capable of destroying the nation itself. They are conceived as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) capable of destroying cities and countries and poisoning the earth with radiation, chemicals or micro-organisms for decades. They are of such capability that they are conceived of complete destruction of both warring nations, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). They not only exist in our day, they are possessed by nations who care not for the peoples of the world but seek only to ensure their control of the world’s resources. It is this scenario that faces the Khilafah upon its establishment, because Pakistan which can be the nucleus of the Khilafah, or part of it, possesses nuclear weapons. Thus the Khilafah’s position regarding nuclear weaponry extends way beyond the narrow considerations of a hostile Hindu state as a neighbor. Its vision extends to the broad horizon of being the role model and leading state for all of humankind.

Policy Regarding Indian Aggression

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan has issued the following Publicized Policy Position (PPP) over the aggression by the Hindu state, brought to sharp focus in the recent tensions over the Line of Control. It is being circulated amongst the general masses, influential, media circles, legal fraternity, political and intellectual medium. It is accompanied by a call for the Nussrah (Material Support) from the people of power to Hizb ut Tahrir for the establishment of the Khilafah, so that the practical looking after the affairs of Muslims can begin with immediate effect.

BOOK: Al-Jihad wa’l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar’iyya CONTENTS PAGE

Download the contents from here.

This is a draft translation of the contents page from the book ‘Al-Jihad wa’l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar’iyya’. This three volume book is the work of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Khayr Haykal which was his PhD thesis from the University of Damascus, Syria.

This book covers many issues related to Jihad and fighting, but its primary focus is the Jihad and fighting that will be performed by a future Khilafah.

We intend to translate and publish selected sections of this book in the future insha’Allah.

Air Force of the Khilafah

In the modern age, any nation that wants to ensure its borders are impenetrable, needs  a strong and technologically advanced air force. An air force is part of the national armed forces which conducts aerial warfare. An nation’s air force also provides close air support (CAS) to its armed forces and allies.

Islamic Ruling on Military Alliances

Today, we find Muslim countries making military alliances with the kuffar and fighting alongside them. Turkey is a member of NATO and has sent troops to Afghanistan under the UN International Security Assistance Force. Pakistan has entered a military alliance with America to fight Muslims in the tribal areas and support the Afghan war. The Islamic ruling on military alliances and their permissibility is taken from the book Shakhsiya Islamiyya (Islamic Personality) Volume 2 by Sheikh Taquideen an-Nabhani.

What is Jihad?

Never has there been a word more misrepresented in the media than Jihad.
Humans have been fighting and killing each other for millennia, developing ever more effective ways and enhancing technology to facilitate this killing. People fight to defend themselves, or to attack others. Wars are fought for land, tribe, nation, legacy, fortune, religion , independence, or resources like water and oil.

The Khilafah has a very comprehensive and highly responsible nuclear doctrine

Although regarding the use of Nuclear weapons the general rule in Islam does not allow their use as these weapons indiscriminately kill innocent civilians in addition to the destruction of military installations; however, there are two exceptions to this general rule where the use of nuclear weapons is allowed.

Firstly, Islam allows a tit for tat response; therefore the Khilafah reserves the right to respond in case nuclear weapons were used against her.

And secondly, Islam allows pre-emptive strikes in the presence of strong evidences of an impending nuclear attack by the adversary.

The Struggle for Space: The Final Frontier

“It’s politically sensitive, but it’s going to happen. Some people don’t want to hear this, and it sure isn’t in vogue, but-absolutely-we’re going to fight in space. We’re going to fight from space and we’re going to fight into space. That’s why the US has development programs in directed energy and hit-to-kill mechanisms. We will engage terrestrial targets someday-ships, airplanes, land targets-from space.”[1]

Islam and International Relations

When the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم established the Islamic state in Madinah, the foreign policy of the state was implemented without delay. Examples of this was when He صلى الله عليه وسلم signed the treaty of Hudaibiyah with, many Muslims were displeased with some aspects of the agreement, to such an extent that Umar bin Al-Khattab (ra) approached the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم and expressed his disagreement. However, he صلى الله عليه وسلم reminded Umar (ra) that his first priority was please Allah سبحانه وتعالى and to obey his commandments. Hence the treaty of Hudaibiyah helps us to understand that certain political manoeuvres which need to be taken to spread dawah. Also, it is vital to generate a good public opinion to earn respect and trust of the people.

Foreign Embassies in Muslim Lands

New US Embassy in Iraq

The US plans to build a huge embassy in Islamabad that will rival the recently completed US embassy in Baghdad. Historically, such foreign embassies were used by the colonial powers to destroy the Khilafah. Today, they continue this work by wreaking havoc in the affairs of the Ummah. Allah سبحانه وتعالى has commanded us to deal with other states in a specific manner and He has ordered us to admit foreign ambassadors into Muslim lands by giving them diplomatic immunity ONLY in their capacity as an ambassador and for the mission they were sent. The foreign embassies as they currently operate are haram and must be rejected by the Ummah. We must explain the reality of foreign embassies to our fellow Muslims, especially family members living in the Muslim world so that they may be aware of the danger they pose to our lands.

Clarifying the meaning of Jihad

‘Jihad’ is extracted from the source, ‘Jaahada’ and it measured upon the fourth verb structure, which means interaction between two sides, al-Mufa’ala. Another example is ‘Al-Khisaam’ which means to quarrel and is extracted from its roots source – Khaasama. Also, there is the example of ‘Jidaal’, which means to discuss or to argue and is taken from the root source ‘Jaadala’.

The Islamic view on Slaves and Slavery

The following discussion is based on a translation of two chapters from the fourth edition of the Arabic book Shakhsiya Islamiyya (Islamic Personality) volume 2 by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani. The full Arabic book can be downloaded here.

Slavery existed for thousands of years before Islam. When Islam came the sharia addressed the reality of slavery that was prevalent at the time by bringing new legislation on the treatment of slaves that aimed at raising their status and eventually their freedom.

Although nowadays there are no sharia circumstances where slavery can return, the issue of Islam and slavery is the subject of much misunderstanding and propaganda by the enemies of Islam. Some even go as far as believing a future Khilafah would re-introduce slavery to the world.

The following discussion will address the issue of Islam and slavery in detail from the sharia evidences and refute the idea that a future Khilafah would re-introduce slavery.

Lessons from The Treaty of Al-Hudaybiyah

The following illuminating account and analysis from Treaty of Al-Hudaybiyah establishes many lessons for Muslims as they proceed towards carrying the message of Islam to the world. It demonstrates the need for astute politicians, the requirement of Muslims to build world public opinion towards Muslims and Islam and establishes the strength and resolve of the early Muslims which must be emulated today.

Six years had elapsed since the emigration of Allah’s Messenger (saw) from Makkah. By now he (saw) had become reassured about his army and the general state of the Islamic society in Madinah. The Islamic State had become a major force of contention for all the Arabs. But inspite of this, the Messenger of Allah (saw) was continually thinking of new moves which would enable him to strengthen the Islamic Message, which in turn would lead to the weakening of his enemies.

Only the Khilafah will truly eradicate torture

The year is 1942 and Heinrich Müller chief of the Gestapo, Nazi Germany's feared secret police, is writing a memo outlining the introduction of new "Verschärfte Vernehmung" or "enhanced interrogation techniques." The memo lists some of these enhanced techniques as:
·          Simplest rations
·          Hard bed
·          Dark cell
·          Deprivation of sleep
·          Exhaustion exercises
·          Blows with a stick (in case of more than 20 blows, a doctor must be present)

Western Occupation vs Islamic Conquests: A tale of two states

Western Occupation under colonialism

  • Iraqi death toll. 650,000 Muslims killed in Iraq since the American-led invasion
  • Haditha Massacre. 24 Iraqi men, women and children executed by US Marines.
  • Ishaqi Massacre. US troops execute 11 Iraqi's – five children and four women in the same house.
  • Majat-al-Kabir Massacre. British troops torture, mutilate and execute 20 Iraqi captives.
  • Kenyan Rapes. British troops stationed in Kenya accused of raping over 650 women over the past 20 years.
  • Okinawa Rapes. Curfew imposed on US troops after US Marine rapes a 14-year-old Japanese girl. In 1995 a 12-year-old Japanese girl was gang raped by US troops stationed in Okinawa.
  • Somalia. Belgian UN troops photographed themselves roasting a Somalia boy alive.
  • Srebrenica Massacre. Dutch UN troops handover Srebrenica to the Serbs so they can massacre 8000 Muslims
  • Jenin Massacre. Israeli troops massacre over 500 Palestinian refugees in Jenin.

Khalid Nisaif Jassim whose pregnant sister was shot by US troops as she was rushed to hospital in Samarra summed up western occupation when he said, "God take revenge on the Americans…They have no regard for our lives.

The West’s history of violent expansionism

 Many commentators have remarked that the last few years has seen a strategic shift in International Relations with an ever more aggressive and expansionist spectre affecting nations of the West, led by the United States; For Muslims throughout the world this comes as no surprise since the Islamic lands have been subject the varying forms of occupation for the past 200 years starting with the European assault upon the Uthmani Khilafah in the 18th Century.  What is also clear is that the West's history of conquest and colonialism has been largely kept hidden from public view. However, closer scrutiny shows that western nations have been unrivalled in their application of organised and deliberate State sanctioned violence upon other peoples and nations.