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Western Occupation vs Islamic Conquests: A tale of two states

Western Occupation under colonialism

  • Iraqi death toll. 650,000 Muslims killed in Iraq since the American-led invasion
  • Haditha Massacre. 24 Iraqi men, women and children executed by US Marines.
  • Ishaqi Massacre. US troops execute 11 Iraqi's – five children and four women in the same house.
  • Majat-al-Kabir Massacre. British troops torture, mutilate and execute 20 Iraqi captives.
  • Kenyan Rapes. British troops stationed in Kenya accused of raping over 650 women over the past 20 years.
  • Okinawa Rapes. Curfew imposed on US troops after US Marine rapes a 14-year-old Japanese girl. In 1995 a 12-year-old Japanese girl was gang raped by US troops stationed in Okinawa.
  • Somalia. Belgian UN troops photographed themselves roasting a Somalia boy alive.
  • Srebrenica Massacre. Dutch UN troops handover Srebrenica to the Serbs so they can massacre 8000 Muslims
  • Jenin Massacre. Israeli troops massacre over 500 Palestinian refugees in Jenin.

Khalid Nisaif Jassim whose pregnant sister was shot by US troops as she was rushed to hospital in Samarra summed up western occupation when he said, "God take revenge on the Americans…They have no regard for our lives.

The West’s history of violent expansionism

 Many commentators have remarked that the last few years has seen a strategic shift in International Relations with an ever more aggressive and expansionist spectre affecting nations of the West, led by the United States; For Muslims throughout the world this comes as no surprise since the Islamic lands have been subject the varying forms of occupation for the past 200 years starting with the European assault upon the Uthmani Khilafah in the 18th Century.  What is also clear is that the West's history of conquest and colonialism has been largely kept hidden from public view. However, closer scrutiny shows that western nations have been unrivalled in their application of organised and deliberate State sanctioned violence upon other peoples and nations.