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Can the Sons of the Ummah Exploit America’s Weakness and Return it to its Rightful Position?

A few years ago, it was extremely rare to find articles on America’s decline. Today, the fading of American power seems to be a popular topic. Headlines like “Is the United States in Decline?”, “America is in Warp-Speed Decline…”, “The Future: China’s Rise, America’s Decline”, and “America’s imperial decline may be best hope to save […]

Trump Second Year Promises Trade Wars, Nuclear Arms Race and Invasions Abroad

Trump in his State of the Union address promised to fix bad trade deals raising the prospect of protectionist policies amongst allies. He also pledged to upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal and instructed Mattis to keep the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay open [1]. However, Trump devoted a great deal of his speech in painting North […]

One Year into Trump’s Presidency: Triumph or Failure?

Americans are divided, and on the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency, the US government was officially shutdown because of failure to agree a new budget with Congress, which means that 750,000 government employees will stay at home without pay. Trump called himself the great dealmaker, who would ‘make America great again’, and now after […]

President Trump – One Year On

On the anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, it was only fitting the US government remained closed as Congress could not agree on a funding bill. President Trump’s approval ratings remain well below most of the presidents who came before him on their first anniversary. A recent Gallup poll put global approval of US leadership at […]

Are Meltdown and Spectre Bugs Part of a Cover up Operation?

Recently researchers revealed that two security flaws, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, impact billions of devices globally. The flaws enable hackers to steal passwords and other sensitive user data from almost any device employing Intel, AMD and Arm chips [1]. Intel’s involvement raises awkward questions about whether this was a design flaw or a disturbing ploy […]

The New US National Security Strategy – “a corpse going to the grave”

The US vision of its place in the world has changed since Obama’s administration published the previous US National Security Strategy in 2015. The US seemed confident two years ago of its leadership in the world: “The United States is stronger and better positioned to seize the opportunities of a still new century and safeguard […]

US Congressman Vows that Trump will be Impeached “before Christmas”

The challenges to President Trump’s leadership never stop growing and articles of impeachment against him have been drawn. Impeachment is a power given by Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, which states, “The President, Vice-President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and […]

America is Abandoning its 3.4 Million Citizens in Puerto Rico after two Devastating Hurricanes because they did not Vote for Trump

According to CNN reporting on the 12th of October, “President Donald Trump slammed Puerto Rico on Thursday, saying its power grid and infrastructure were a “disaster” before two hurricanes hit last month and he threatened to pull federal emergency management workers from the storm-ravaged island”. Trump’s remarks are the latest in a series of disparaging […]

Trump Calls for Shooting Muslim ‘Terrorists’ with Bullets Dipped in Pigs’ Blood

The US has a long and ugly colonial history, but while most US politicians try to cover the crimes of colonialism, the current US president boasts about them proudly. Following the recent terror attack that killed 13 people in Barcelona, Spain, Trump tweeted: “Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when […]

The Militant White Terror Attack in the US State of Virginia shows that Freedom and Democracy does not bring Harmony between People

A car driven by a neo Nazi, James Alex Fields Jr., was driven into a crowd of counter protesters during a “Unite the Right” rally of white nationalist and other right-wing groups in the town of Charlottesville, Virginia on the 12th of August, 2017. The attack killed a 32-year-old woman, Heather D. Heyer, and injured […]

US-Russia Relationship: “at an all-time and very dangerous low”?

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that 755 US embassy workers “must stop their activity in the Russian Federation” on September 1st. This escalation in diplomatic tension follows Trump’s signing of a new package of sanctions on Russia, which were passed by Congress with an overwhelming majority from both the Republicans and Democrats, and Trump was […]

Verbal and Physical Harassment of Women is Rewarded in the Liberal Western Culture and does not have to be viewed as crime

On April 20th 2017 CNN reported that news anchor Bill O’Reilly would be receiving a payout of tens of millions of dollars after he was removed from Fox News’s most popular news program after numerous allegations of harassment were brought forward by many women during the numerous years of his career. Sources say the amount […]

Trump’s Dramatic U-Turns

On April 12, 2017, the US President, Donald Trump, reversed his position on a number of foreign policy issues, for which he was effectively elected for. Trump presented himself as anti-Establishment and someone who represented the true American populace who lost their jobs to China and who the political elite have neglected. His pitch was […]

The Western World Has Lost so much Faith in itself that it Fears Babies

The far-right Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, is campaigning in the Dutch elections on an anti-Islam platform, and Republican US Congressman Steve King of Iowa ‘tweeted’ support for his racist agenda on the 12th of March: “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” His tweet […]

Sheikh Al-Mujahid Omar Abdel Rahman Passed Away to his Lord as a Martyr Witnessing the Criminality of America

After fighting the oppression of the American authorities for over a quarter a century, the scholar Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman passed away on Saturday,18th February 2017, to his Lord; underlining by his death in the American prisons of tyranny, a compelling testimony that reveals the enmity of America to Islam and Muslims, and documents the lie […]

US Decline: Superpowers fall when confronting alternatives

There has been much political soul-searching in the United States about the eclipse of American power and influence across the world. Some have even suggested this steady decline to be irreversible and inevitable.  The word ‘decline’, often associated with empires has entered political debate, with talk of a post-American world and the inexorable rise of […]

Even if Trump expels all the Muslims and Mexicans from America, no wall will be high enough to protect Americans from themselves

In response to Trump’s constant claims about a huge threat to the US from Muslim terrorists, the New York Times posted a story on the 11th of February 2017, with the headline: “Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists”. The New York Times quoted research from the Cato Institute showing that “between 1975 and 2015, terrorists born […]