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Capitalism Conceals its Intellectual Defeat behind Torture

Tanzania media outlets again reported on ongoing torturing of Muslims detainees suspected of terrorism. The opposition MP for Arusha Urban (Chadema) Mr Godbless Lema who was detained in Kisongo remand at Arusha City, northern of Tanzania revealed that 65 Muslims youth from local area have been held in custody for four years as terrorist suspects not being taken to a court. Mr Lema declared publicly that they have been brutally tortured to the point that one of detainee broken his leg.


This has not come as surprise since it is well known fact that torturing or even killing of Muslims detainees suspected of terrorism is long time reality in Tanzania and elsewhere in the world. Apart from Mr Lema’s statement many other non-Muslim influential personalities such as Dr. Slaa, Bishop Gwajima and Tundu Lissu (MP) had ever said the same.

Forms of cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is habitual in capitalist oppressive policies especially for marginalized groups or those who believe in an alternative ideology opposing capitalism, where in this context Muslims are the main target considered as number one criminals.

In most cases developing nations’ state apparatus undertake brutality to Muslims as an order from US and other western nations. For instance, the US Patriot Act –permits seizure of any asset, torture or even killing terrorist suspects. Yet it is undeniable fact the presence of well entrenched hatred and enmity against Muslims and Islam from an individual state (developing countries) and their police officers cannot be ignored especially in a country such as Tanzania where bias against Muslims and Islam is a historical and predominant phenomenon.

Torturing vividly exposes that concept of human rights is mere hollow, a rubbish to be dumped into the dustbin without any reality on the ground whatsoever! What capitalist oppressive rulers focus on is protecting their capitalist ideology and their material gains. Thus, laws only function where these would be secured. Issuance of violating both national, international laws or the so called human rights standards is merely nothing to them especially dealing with Muslims and Islam.

As for terrorsuspects not being taken to a court for four years simply because there is no evidence against them, they are only held because of enmity against Islam and Muslims. In many cases suspects of the so-called war on terror (Islam) after brutal tortures set free due to lack of evidence. The only crime of suspects is propagating Islam as an ideology opposing capitalism, an evil and heinous ideology that has engulfed worst destruction to humankind in all aspects.

Tanzania as other developing nations engages in US war on Islam very cheaply unaware of shaking its fragile social cohesion that would create a bleak future.

Islam is an ideology of fairness and justice built upon a firm intellectual basis that convinces the mind will never be defeated by tortures and violence of coward secular capitalism which is desperately defending itself only by force lacking convincing and firm argument.


Ramadhan Said Njera

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania