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Can the War on Corruption be declared under Colonialism?

The 3rd Anti-Corruption Conference was organized on Saturday, 27/04/2019, under the sponsorship of the Judicial Forum on Law, Justice and Security, in cooperation with the Union of Judges of the Court of Accountancy and the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Association. During the discussion, officials from Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Tunisia participated with two comments:

The first comment: by Engineer Mohamed Ali bin Hussein, a member of the Cultural Office; he started by stressing the importance of what came in the speeches in the conference to confirm the existence of foreign agendas and not to be fooled by the imposition of negligence under the name of “conspiracy theory”. His comment focused on the four points:

– The first point confirmed that the sanctuaries of political money lies in the thought and the Constitution and legislation before reaching the judiciary. This is where the need for intellectual and political courage is urgent to determine our position regarding the international arena and to classify the colonial enemy, which we all know as enemies, not friends, but to mix the enemy with the friend, rather to make the enemy a friend, is giving legitimacy to the foreign political money. In this context, bin Hussein warned that limiting the issue in the UAE and Qatar is a waste of the facts as everyone knows that these states do not have their own decision making.

– The second point: He stressed that the non-use of foreign financial and political aid is one of the condition of the establishment of parties and belonging to them, as well as the basis of intellectual and cultural formation, not only as a slogan for marketing.

– The third point: He stressed that the need at this particular moment is the adoption of the entire law of “non-colonial interference in the affairs of the region” so that the military, security, judges, politicians and parties subjected to it.

– The fourth and last point was a reminder to the attendees that it is inappropriate to denounce things before ruling and then to adopt them after ruling. Today, the government is financed by colonialism and directly supervised by America, Britain and France to restructure sensitive sectors in order to implement Western interests and agendas, which must be rejected and classified as the most dangerous types of corruption.

The second comment: by Brother Assad al-Ajili, a member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, who began by asking: “Is Tunisia independent and can there be a war on corruption under colonialism?” He then confirmed two things:

First: Tunisia is a colony under direct mandate, and that in this case, corruption cannot be eliminated without the elimination of colonization.

Second: Corruption can only be eliminated by establishing a system in which the sovereignty is for the Shar’iah and the authority is for the Ummah.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Tunisia

Monday, 01st Ramadan 1440 AH

06/05/2019 CE

Issue No.: 1440 / 27

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