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Britain’s Secularists Blame Muslims for their Own Extreme Intolerance

David Isaac, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Britain told the Observer newspaper that the commission would be prepared to use its legal powers to protect the teaching of LGBT issues in the face of opposition from faith groups. “As a gay man who’s been very involved in the LGBT movement, I think identity politics have been hugely important historically, and it would be very easy to say identity politics has gone too far,” Isaac said.

Finding common ground where all parties accepted that they were subject to the law that protected minority rights would help remove the “binary” nature that engulfed much of the debate swirling around identity politics, Isaac suggested.

“People do see it as a zero-sum game, and my view is that it’s completely possible to teach the tenets of your faith in school, but at the same time say ‘that child over there has two mothers’. We are asking them to respect somebody else’s lifestyle choice or desire to love someone of the same sex.”


On the one hand the HR Commissioner talks of the importance of his own identity defining himself by his sexual preference, but now that Britain is aggressively promoting his warped LGBT ideology, other people’s identity as believers is a problem for him. His comments only further expose the failure of the secular ideology and state to create a human society in which people can live together in harmony.

The context to his comments are the growing frequency of demonstrations outside primary schools in Britain that are teaching and encouraging very young children to doubt their own gender and introduce discussions about their sexuality. Muslim parents are prominent in such demonstrations, making it a worrying matter for the government and media to tackle.

British people are being driven to systematically accept such abuse of children to satisfy the whims of the selfish secularists bent on imposing their warped ideology on everyone else. The danger of their attempts to make gender, sexuality and even biology fluid and undefined is matched only by their promoting the idea that morality, beliefs and values should be equally fluid and whimsical.

The real aim behind the increased promotion of LGBT liberalism is to aggressively challenge any aversion to secularism. Even though the basis of secularism is hopelessly contradictory with no chance of unifying people, therefore they must twist scientific findings, lie, and use fear to intimidate people into accepting their oppressive agenda. Citizenship in Britain tramples over the rights of minorities, as the alleged majority trumps all others, despite it in reality being manipulated by a tiny elite for its own gain.

The fact is that Muslim parents and others are rejecting the notion that all of their values should be subject to change according to whimsical and self serving agendas of government and media, hence the need for their rational opposition to now be described as intolerance and threatening to national unity.

The real failure is the secular system which is once again exposed for its inability to accept difference of beliefs and values. Despite the fact that no rational person can accept secularism due to its deep inherent contradictions, its adherents adopt extreme intolerance of others who oppose the alleged majority, forcing them to submit to the arbitrary nationalistic unity, so that secularism’s contradictions are not left fatally exposed.


Yahya Nisbet

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain